(Non- Famous One Direction) Emily Green has always had her 5 'brothers' to look after her, but when she falls for one of them, will it be good or bad? Without her mum, will she come crushing down being the only girl in a boys world? Find out in 'Please...'




1. It's been a while.

    This is my first fan-fic, so give me some feedback and ideas on the story. I will try and update alot, please comment and like would mean so much and sorry if there's some spelling mistakes. Enjoy...     Chapter 1.   I plugged my headphones into my phone and switched 'On top of the world' by Imagine Dragons on, dropping my phone into my blazer pocket. I rolled up my sleeves and put on my bracelets. You see? I am on my way home from school and they don't let you wear bracelets, have your sleeves rolled up or skirt, they are really quite strict. Our uniform was a white blouse, a black blazer, black skirt/trousers and a jumper is you want to wear one, oh and tights. I pulled my phone back out of my pocket and checked my Facebook messages. 2 new messages.
The first was from my friend Lucy asking if I was free this weekend. And the second was from Harry asking if I was coming over today. Harry lives round the corner from me and him and his brother are practically my brothers. Harry is the youngest he's 16, then it's Louis, he's 17, then Niall who's 18, Zayn at 19 and Liam at 20 - all brothers. Me and Harry went out a little when we were like 12, we're both 16 you see. Anyway, I replied to Harry with a simple yes. I hurried home, unlocking the front door, slamming it, dropping my bag and running up to my room to get changed. I plugged my phone into my speaker and put on Counting Stars by OneRepublic. I pulled of my clothes as quick as possible and went over to my chest of drawers. I pulled out my black leggings and my checkered shirt. I already had my vest top on, I put the clothes on. Then, I brushed my hair and sorted it out, I grabbed my side fringed and clipped it back with a hair grip. I put my socks and shoes on, my black vans, I loved them! I switched off my music and grabbed my phone, I walked out my room and into my brother's.
"I'm going the Smiths" 
"Okay" My brother responded say at his computer obviously doing work. 
Jack, my brother is the same age as Zayn; 19.
I walked out his room then the front door and through the gate. I made a right turn down the silent road. The only people that lived in this road were old people or the twins and their family. The twins are Bella and Ellen and their older sister, Josie. They moved around the corner a few weeks ago, Josie is 15 and the twins are 13; but their really immature. I've known them for years but they've now moved closer which is okay, I guess.
Anyway, it was a five minute walk to the Smiths, I just call it that instead of saying all the boys names. I got there and opened the front door, I usually do this as its like my own house; they never mind. 
I check the lounge first to see the boys are. I see Liam sat there playing GTA.
"Hey Li, where are the boys?" 
"Aww, Em!" Liam replied pausing his game and jumping off the sofa and lifted me up, hugging me. "How are you, love?" 
"I'm fine thanks, haha. Can you put me down?"
"Haha, yeah" Liam replied, putting me back down on my own two feet.
"Where are the boys?" 
"Harry and Louis are on Fifa in Lou's room. Niall is in his room watching telly and Zayn is at Perries."
"Thanks Li" 
I walked out the lounge and down the hallway, until the stairs. I clambered up the stairs and went into Lou's room first. They were sat on Louis' sofa, controllers in their hands and eyes fixed to the screen. 
"Hey guys" I said wondering if they would hear me.
"Yeah Louis, go right. Look pass to me" Harry was obviously being the bossy coach. I figured I'd talk to them later. I wondered up the hallway a bit and into Niall's room. He was led on his king-sized bed, watching telly, shirtless. He had the nicest body out of all the boys, well abs. I tapped on the door as I walked in and he noticed me there, which is more than Harry and Lou did.
"Em, hey! Come and sit" He said gesturing to lay on the bed with him.
"How you going?" I asked as I climb onto the bed.
"Fine thanks and yo-" Nialls sentence was cut of by me falling on him.
"Haha, sorry Ni. My arm gave way" I said getting off him and laying next to him. Once I was comfortable I focused on the telly, Friday Night Dinner. Basically, the best show ever made.
"You got a job then?" I asked trying to make conversation.
"Yeah, at macdonalds. But, I'm trying to find a better job, but there's not luck." 
"Dad might have an apprentaship going. I could ask?" I suggested. My dad is a self-employed mechanic at home. He is home all day but works till about 10, so I am usually in my room or watching movies with Jack. 
"That would be great. Thank you Em!!" Niall turned to face me and gave me a big thankful hug.
About 10 minutes more of watching Friday Night Dinner and I was really bored. I pulled out my phone and noticed i had two snapchats, I checked them and then sent out one of me pulling a stupid face with the caption bored, I sent it to all my contacts and then locked my phone. 
"Ni, I'm bored" I said turning to face him. 
"I can tell" He replied directing me to look at his phone. My snapchat came up and he screen-shotted it! "That is one for the album!" Niall laughed putting away his phone.
"You can't keep that!" I said reaching across him to go in his pocket and take his phone. He grabbed my arm, not hard just firmly.
"Nooooo, that is my photo now" He smiled.
"Urgh, anyway. Can we do something? I'm bored!" I complained nuzzling face into his bare chest. He put his arm around my waist and we laid there just snuggling. After resting my head for a while, I opened my eyes and sat up to find Niall staring at me.
"Can I help?" I asked sarcastically.
"Did you enjoy that?" He laughed.
"Sorry..." I said embarrassed, I could feel my face turning red aswell.
"Aw, Em. Don't get all embarrassed on me. You know we both enjoyed it" He replied giving me a reassuring hug, well more of a squeeze. What did he mean by that? 'You know we both enjoyed it' What - did he like me? I mean I've always had a soft spot for Niall even though he's two years older.
"Nerf-gun war?" He shouted enthusiastically, grabbing the two small guns from the draw in the bed-side table. 
"Yeah!" I shouted back at him. Niall passed me one of the guns and a load of bullets. 
"You take one end of the hallway, I'll take the other. You can hide behind he suitcases in the middle. And yeah, no rules!" Niall told me.
I ran to the boys mum's room, Sarah. And Niall ran to Zayn's room at the other end. I loaded my gun, shoving the rest of the bullets down my bra - hey I had no pockets and they were easy to get out. I hid by the doorway and peered round the wall, Niall was stood mirroring my actions. I shot at him and missed. He shot at me and hit me in the chest, not painful just pressure.
I reloaded at took another shot this time hitting him in the leg.
"Hah!" I shouted at him.
"Oh, bring it pip-squeak!"
He shot back at me and hit me in the face, it actually really hurt but I carried on. He ran from the wall and hid behind the small brown suitcase in the middle of the hallway. I shot at him again and ran backwards further into Sarah's room. Suddenly, I felt a bullet hit my bum and then again and again! Oh this is on! I spun around to see Niall stood right infront of me. He shot me again in leg, I reloaded my little orange gun and took a few steps back, then shot him 3 times in the balls. 
"Ahhhh! EMILY BEATRICE GREEN!" He shouted revealing my full name.
"Hahaha" I said running away until I realised I'd been cornered. Niall was dramatically walking towards me with his gun in his hand. To the right of me was Sarah's chest of drawers and to my left, Sarah's bed. I was trapped. When Niall reached me, I was scared he'd shoot me really hard in the face. Instead, he put his gun on the bed and started to tickle me, oh no I hate being tickled. 
"Hahahahah, n-o Ni---all, stop it!" I managed to get out between laughs. 
"Never!" He laughed evilly. 
I fell onto the bed laughing, my sides hurt so much. Niall fell on me, still shirtless, he stopped tickling for less the a few seconds and then he started to do it again.
"Niall, hahahah stop please!" I shouted laughing even though I was in pain. He stopped tickling me and he looked into my eyes, his light blue eyes stared into mine, he moved his eyes from mine to my lips and then started to move in. I got my gun that was still in my left hand, his lips was getting closer and closer to mine although I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to make him work for it. I pulled the trigger on my gun, shooting a foamy bullet into the side of his stomach.
He pulled away and got off me and the bed. 
"Ohh! I see how it is!" He shouted, picking up his gun and shooting me back. We continued like this for another ten minutes or so, until I got out of breath and went to see Harry and Lou. 
"Well you two seem like you're having fun?" Louis said laughing as I walked into his room.
"Yeah, well it was a nerf-gun war soooo" I explained.
"What was all the laughing about then?" Harry questioned, his voice serious. Him and Louis were now sat watching a movie instead of Fifa.
"He tickled me because I shot him in the balls, haha" I said, laughing to myself remembering what had happened.
"Oh right" He said.
"Anyway, how is my little Haz and Lou?!" I shouted running and jumping onto Harry's lap. 
"Good thanks E-boo" Lou replied with my nickname.
"What do you wanna do?" Harry asked playing with my hair.
"Watch a movie in the lounge?" I suggested. There house was massive, Im not surprised either, there is 5 teenage boys and Sarah, and me and Jack who stayed over quite a lot. 
"Yeah, okay!" Lou replied, picking me up bridal style and carrying me down the stairs. 
"Niall, movie, lounge, now!" Harry shouted as we walked down the stairs.
I heard a few thuds and then saw Niall joining us climbing the stairs. 
"Aw, my Lou is getting muscles" I said feeling his biceps.
"Har Har, very funny!" He said sarcastically. We got into the lounge and Louis plonked me onto the big armchair, he chucked me the tartan blanket because it was getting quite cold. 
"You guys want me to sit all by myself?" I moaned because I wanted to snuggle.
"Who do you want to snuggle with?" Louis asked. I felt myself go red, so I just looked at the floor. I wanted to snuggle with Niall, who now had a shirt and hoodie on by the way.
"Alright, first person to sit on the armchair with Emily gets to snuggle with her!" Lou shouted, he stayed seated because he looked comfy. Niall, Harry and Liam ran over to me but Liam got there first. He made me stand up, he sat down and let me sit between his legs, I lent backwards and put the blanket over us. It wasn't an awkward cuddle, it was nice but I had no feelings for Liam so it was like snuggling with Jack. 

Half way through Bridemaids I looked over at Harry, he looked really upset or bored I couldn't tell, I figured i'd ask later. Niall was like half asleep and I was bored, I'd seen Bridemaids at least 10 times and it does get really boring. I got up off Liam and told them I was bored. Louis paused the film. 
"What do you want to do then?" Harry asked. 
"TRUTH OR DARE!" Louis shouted, right at that moment Zayn walked in the lounge, his black leather jacket soaked it was obvious it had been raining, we had the curtains shut during the movie which kinda explains why I didn't know it was raining.
"Hey" I said to him.
"Hey Em" He replied, Zayn had never taken much of an interest in me like the other boys or maybe he just didn't like me? We would talk, small talk but not much really.
"Zayn, we're gonna play truth or dare you in?" 
"Nah" He said before walking upstairs to his room.
"Well, I'll get the bottle and some food" Niall stated standing up.
"I'm hungry, I'll come with" I added, because I genuinely was hungry.
Me and Niall walked down the hallway in silence into the kitchen. There kitchen was huge, blue painted walls and loads of cupboards, they had marble worktops and a really nice oak family table. Niall went over and got out the sweets. I got out the bowls.
"You seemed a bit annoyed during the movie, what was up?" I asked trying to break the awkward silence. 
"Ahh, nothing. Just felt like a cuddle and Liam jumped in there" Niall explained looking broken hearted.
"Aw Ni, we can cuddle during truth or dare, yeah?" I asked feeling quite flattered the fact that he wanted to snuggle with me.
"Yeah!" He added grabbing an empty plastic bottle from one of the cupboards. "Right, let's go"
I followed him back into the lounge, Liam wasn't in there it was just Louis and Harry. Harry looked almost surprise when I walked in, what was that about? And he was sat on the floor next to Lou, like they'd just been having a proper conversation. What?
Anyway, me and Niall put all the sweets, chocolate, doritos and anything else we could find on the floor. We all sat in a circle and called for Liam. Liam came in on his phone, obviously texting. Niall set the plastic bottle in the middle of us all and span it.
"Truth or dare?" 
"Dare!" Louis shouted.
"I dare you to run around the garden naked" Niall said laughing as he said it.
"You're on" Louis said, already beginning to take off his shirt. We all stood in the doorway of the back door whilst Lou ran around their huge garden naked, at one point Coco their dog ran after him. I don't think Louis realised but Liam videoed him, that'll be on Facebook later knowing Liam. We all returned back to the lounge and it was Louis' turn to spin the bottle. 
"Truth or dare?" Louis said in a bit of an evil voice.
"Truth" Liam replied.
PUSSY!" Lou added.
"Just do it" 
"Is there any girls you like at the mo?" 
"There's this one girl at work, and no you don't know her" Liam explained. I was laughing a little because I did know this girl, a few months ago Liam introduce me to her, he must have forgotten. 
"Awww" We all chorused. 
Liam span the bottle and it landed on me. 
"Truth or dare?"
"Dare, I guess" I answered, knowing Louis would kill me if I said truth.
"I dare you to snog Niall!" 
I looked over at Niall, he was smiling to himself but trying not to show it. I looked over at Harry, he looked horrified, why did he care so much? Louis looked mixed emotions, laughing but then confused. And Liam was just doing a smug grin. I walked over to Niall and he stood up, we both started to lean in and then our lips met, we snogged for a while and Niall's hands were on my hips and started to move towards my bum, my arms were wrapped around his neck. We must have been to snogging for about a minute and a bit before I heard Louis cough, indicating for us to stop. We pulled away and Niall gave me a cute grin. Harry looked like someone had just killed a puppy and Louis looked annoyed, Liam just looked shocked to the fact we actually did the dare. 
"My turn" I said as if nothing had just happened. I picked up the bottle then span it. Please don't be Harry, please don't be Harry.
Harry. Great.
"Truth or dare, Harry?" 
"Urm, err truth"
"Have you got your eye on anyone at the moment?" I asked genuinely interested.
He just looked down at his hands, he was twiddling his thumbs. He had gone red, from embarrassment? Why was he embarrassed, it was only me and his brothers. He finally looked up and looked me in the eye.
"I don't know" 
He quickly grabbed the bottle and span it. Louis again.
We carried on playing for another 5 minutes or so before all the good questions and dares had been done. We sat back on the sofa and I sat with Niall since he was annoyed we didn't get a cuddle earlier. Harry went upstairs, Liam was flicking through channels deciding on what to watch and Louis was on his phone. I was laid in between Niall's legs his arms were wrapped around my waist again and surprisingly I was comfortable. I got out my phone, I had one new message and a load of Facebook notifications aswell as some twitter notifications. I checked my message first:

Em, when you home?

Dad x

I replied with:

Hi dad, staying at smiths tonight x

Facebook notifications were just people liking my statuses and stuff, I checked twitter and Liam had a load of photos of Louis naked on there and then I also saw him tweet:
"@Liam_Smith: Aww' @NiallerSmith and @EmGreen cuddling on the sofa, adorable x" and a picture of me and Niall. I have to admit the picture was nice. I was smiling and so was Niall, it looked really naturally aswell; no posing. 
I replied to his tweet with:
"@EmGreen: @Liam_Smith @NiallerSmith thanks Li, I won't mention anything about this girl at work @Dani_West23, hahah"

I locked my phone and turned to Niall.
"I love that picture" he said as I turned around.
"Yeah, it's cute,"I replied before getting up, "I'm going to bed, see you in the morning" 
"Night Em" Niall said getting up and hugging me goodnight, he then kissed me on the cheek. What was that about? He had never done that before! None of the boys had! I just smiled and left the room, climbing up the stairs to my room, yeah I have my own room here; told you the house was huge! I got into room and removed my make-up, I realised I hadn't got any pyjamas. I went to walk into Lou's room to ask him but as I went past Niall's I saw him already in there, so I figured I'd just ask him.
"Yeah, love?"
"Could I borrow some sweats and a top please?"
"Sure" He replied grabbing me some grey trackie pants and a yellow hawks t-shirt.
"Thanks, Niall"
"No problem, hun" 
I walked back into my room and got changed, brushed my teeth and got into bed. I thought about everything that had happened today and fell into a deep sleep.
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