A Case Of Identity

When Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find themselves in a dark cell, without any recollection what might have happened to them and how they got there, they realize that they obviously got caught by Professor Moriarty. And so they plan, with a determination that can only be caused by hopelessness, a spectacular and daring flight...


10. Epilogue

Warden Sebastian entered the room, looking content of his success. Proudly he announced:

"Professor? They tried to escape. But- we have them."-


The calculating, diplomatic voice echoed from the walls.

"Inmates 707 and 601. Ward 221, Tract 'B'."

The professor's grey eyes didn't look up from the papers he was studying.

"Give me their names, I'm terrible with numbers."

"Warner, Juniper- and... uh, what was it? Ah- Sophie Howard.
Heavy mental disorder. Thinking they're Sherlock Holmes and his friend Watson."

When he spoke again, a tinge of pity could be discerned in the usually unemotional voice of Professor Julius Morton.

"Yes, I think I do remember them. Poor girls... Seems like this was their 'Reichenbach'."~



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