Tough Love

Harry is always getting in relationships to fast. He usually ends up with a broken heart and dumped for another star. One day he collides with a girl who seems to be innocent and is down to earth completely. Determined to make this mystery girl like him he asks her out. Will he fall to fast or is it to soon?


2. The Girl in the Park

Harry P.O.V.

Pushing the door open I asked "So is that your feelings?" 

Looking at me in the doorway the guy said "Dude she with me now so yo-"

"Shut your mouth, I'm talking to Madison." I said with anger and hurt

With Madison looking from me to the guy I got my jacket and got the ring out of the pocket.

"This is what you wanted from me? Its funny because I was gonna give it to you tonight as a gift but you asked me to leave. Looks like i'll be taking this back to the store." I said bitterly

With that I turned around to leave the room, but before I left I said to the guy on her bed "I'm glad that she found someone else. Hope shes happy now or found whatever she was looking for that I couldn't give her. Hope she doesn't do you the same way she just did me."

Looking at her beautiful ocean blue eyes one more time I slammed her room door and stormed out of her house. How could she do this to me? After all the crazy things that we've done together, all the late night kissing and movie watching, All the play parties with just the two of us as to be alone, all the dinners and dogging the press and fans. I thought she was happy, but I guess not..

Walking down the street I then realized that the car that was parked down the road from her house belonged to that guy. I wanted to get out of there fast, but I didn't want to go back to the house with the lads so I'll just kept walking aimlessly until I find a place to be alone.

As I walked I felt cold so I put my jacket back on. With my hood over my head a couple walked past me and looked so happy. I couldn't help but wonder if one of them were cheating on the other. After a few more minuets of walking around with no kind of direction I found a the park.  spotted a swing that looked deserted so I went and sat on it. I sit there and rock myself back and forth while trying not to cry. While I was trying my best not to cry, I never saw the girl on the other side of the park crying on the bench alone. When I did see her I walked over to her and asked what was wrong. 

She didn't look up at me or answer me so I just sat next to her, rubbing her back to calm her down and waited. When she did stop I asked her again.

"There's no reason a beautiful girl like yourself should be crying, whats the matter?"

That's when she answered me saying "It's a long story, do u have time?"

"Sure I do." I told her reassuringly

"Well me and my boyfriend was coming from the movie theater when he said we should go to my place. I had told him that my dad was out for the night before he picked me up so he could come and pick me up, my dad doesn't like him at all, so when he said that I didn't want to go to my house because I was afraid of when he wanted to do. Even though I had a good idea of what it was that wanted to do I still said okay. So when we did get back to my house he was trying to get me to have sex with him but i'm still a virgin and I was scared so I told him I wasn't ready. That's when he started to force himself onto me. If it wasn't for the glass vase that was on my nightstand I might have been raped by him." She said with a voice that sounded like it was on the verge of breaking into a cry again.

"Then after he cursed me out for hitting him with the vase he told me that it was over and i was never pretty enough to date him. that he was just trying to see if I would let him sleep with me or not."

That's when she started to cry again, but I stopped her before she did.

"It's okay, it's okay... Do you need me to call anyone for you?"

"No, i'm okay, i just didn't want to stay in the house because I know my dad wont be back until late tonight and I don't want to stay in the house by myself that's all" she said this as if she was trying to reassure herself that that's what it was

"Well look at me for a second..." I wanted to tell her that she was pretty but I think it would mean a lot if it came from a star. So when she looked up at me she started to breath deeply, so I said "Please stay calm, I don't want the press to find me and get you ambushed with questions that aren't needed." I asked her with a plea in my voice

Her face turned bright red as she tried to keep from screaming with excitement. "Your... Your... Your Harry Styles, from One Direction!" Breathing so hard that she may pass out.

"Yeah I am but I need you to keep calm, just try and steady your breathing." I tell her in a coxing voice "You look like your about to faint. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" She said curiously "Well to be honest  i'm in the same boat as you are, I just ended a relationship and I didn't want to go home so I went walking not really paying attention to where I was going when I found this park. It looked empty but I guess not.."

"Oh i'm sorry if you want to be alone I can leave." She was being nice instead of trying to ask me out, that caught me off guard.

"Oh no, it's okay, talking to you helped me keep my mind at easy, and plus I was just about to leave anyway" I said as I got up and started to walk away but then she said "Okay.Thanks for the talk!" I don't know why but what she said touched me so I turned around and hugged her. "I think your very pretty." That's when she hugged me back saying "Thanks a lot."

"No problem. It's true" I said with a smile as I walked away

Now that my head is clear I think I can go home.


Hi reader, The Poet here, so how are you liking my story so far? This chapter was just a space filler to get Harry's feelings out and show how he can be a loving guy even to those he doesn't know. Don't like it, love it, or want to suggest something? For what it's worth i think it's going well. Feedback and like!

Until Next Time ^_^

- The Poet

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