Tough Love

Harry is always getting in relationships to fast. He usually ends up with a broken heart and dumped for another star. One day he collides with a girl who seems to be innocent and is down to earth completely. Determined to make this mystery girl like him he asks her out. Will he fall to fast or is it to soon?


1. After The Tour

Niall P.O.V.

"Guys the concert was a hit! I think this one was the best one yet, but i hurt my leg when i had to jump on stage so i'm gonna go take a shower." Harry said heading to the bathroom in the house. 

"Okay" me and the other lads said together

"I told him not to try that stunt on stage, he could be such a goofball at times" I said to Louis.

"I know but you cant say that it wasn't funny when he scared the crowd when  they thought he was missing." Louis said 

"Yeah, the looks on our fans faces when we stopped the show to tell them that we couldn't find harry and that we were gonna have to cancel the show, was just so sad i wanted to call off the prank, then harry jumped out of the  hole in the stage, it was amazing!" Zayn said laughing

"What's the talk today lads?" Harry said coming into the room in shorts and a towel on his head

"The great crowd tonight." I said

"Oh well i'm gonna go take a walk to get my leg feeling better, anyone wanna join me?" Harry asked

"Nope" Zayn said

"naa" Liam said from his plate of food

"I'm good" Louis said

"No thanks" I said

With that Harry walked out of the room, got a shirt, his favorite hoodie, a pair of pants, and shoes on, and headed for the back door. 

Harry's P.O.V.

I could see press outside the front door as i walked down the street, i put my hood up so they couldn't see my face. As i walked to the corner i got my cell phone out and looked for Madison's number. When i got to her contact i pressed the call button.

"Hey Harry!" She said as she picked up

"Hey can i come see you?" I asked

"sure, i'll be in my room, the door is unlocked"

"okay, see you when i get there"

"Okay i'll be waiting." Then i hung up

As i walked to her house i couldn't help but think about how i smile when she talks to me

I got to her street and walked up the the drive way to her front door. I walked in and headed up the stairs to her bedroom.

When i walked in her room she had on a purple tank-top, a pair of jean shorts, and her blond hair was in a ponytail.  I took off my hoodie and put it on the desk chair. I kissed her then she grabbed me and pulled me to her bed. 

As she pulled me i looked into her eyes.

"I love you Harry" she said it and i believed her, even though anyone could see that she was lying.

"i love you too but i don't want to do this. Not yet.." I said sadly

Her look went from charming to mean then sad

"I understand. I think you should leave." she said blankly

"Okay, i'll call you later?" i said sadly

'I'll call you." she said as i walked out of her room

Walking down the road i wondered when she would call me

Then i realized i left my hoodie back a her house, so i turned around to go get it.

As i walked to her house i tried to call her and let her know that i had left my jacket there but it went to voicemail. She must be in the shower.

When i walked into her driveway i saw a car parked a few houses down that wasn't there before.  "I wonder who's car that is?" I said to myself

"Ugh i'll just ask Madison if she knows"

At the door i said "I'll just get it without bothering her."

As i got in the house i heard a guy say something."What the hells going on?" i whispered

I crept up the stairs to hear better.

"So when are you dumping him to go out with me?" The guy said

To me it sounded like it was that guy from that t.v. show. The one where his girlfriend is a crazy jealous type of girl.

"I will as soon as he gives me that diamond ring i asked for last week, i promise." She said this with a laugh as if i was nothing more than a plaything.

Ha, little did she know i was gonna give it to her tonight but she asked me to leave.

This is why i hate relationships, why do girls have to be so cruel? It seems that every time i meet someone all they really want is the fame and access to all the big Hollywood parties, but never want me for me. Tears were running down my face but i wiped them away, stood up taller, balled my hands and walked into the room.


Hi reader, The Poet here, i wanted to tell you that this is my first story (I'm better at poems) and that if it is bad than im sorry and i will try to make it better with every update. Now i can update as often as every week. i should have it updated by the last day of the week, sunday. so i promise to never keep you waiting any longer than that. I am a honors student so i keep a busy schedule during the week so if you wait till the weekend then itll be posted! until next time! ^_^ 

-The Poet

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