How could this happed?

when chloe and her best freind go to an austin mahone conert, there are weird things happening, everyone disapears and chloe and austin are the only ones there. they get locked in the stadiem with out phones or any way they can contact. will there be romance between chloe and austin? what will happed when they finally getout of the stadiam?


1. Why What and How

               Chloe's p.o.v


 me and ally were at an austin mahone concert. screaming at the tops of our lungs. all of a sudden, people start to disapear. i look ove to ally and she is gone. i start freaking out.  soon eveyone is gone. i look at the stage. austin is there looking. around his eyes meet mine. he jumps off the stage and starts to walk twords me. "hi" he says when he gets to me. "h-hi" i said a little scared. "do you know what happened?" he asked me. "n-no, my best friend disapered and then so on. im confused and scared." "its ok i dont know what happened either. i was singing and the music stopped and i looked at the crowed and no one was here but you." he said as he stepped closer to me "come on lets see if we can get out of here" he said as he grabbed my hand. we tried every door but it was locked. "well i guess we have to stay here tonight, come on lets go to my dressing room. it has a couch." he still had my hand. we go to his dressing room and went in. there was water,candy,food,bathroom,couch,clothes, tv, and a x-box. he let go of my hand and went to a mini-fridge "here" he said as he tossed me a water. "thanks" i said  as i sat on the couch. he tried to turn on the tv but it wouldent so he judt sat down by me. "so want to play 20 questions?" "sure"

"favorite color"



"forever young but sung by one direction"


"16 and 1/2"


"adem sandler"


"debby ryan"

"girl singer"


"boy singer"

"you and bruno mars"




"hunger games"

"favorie charecter in the book"

"thats hard! ether rue or katniss"

"haha ya me to. ummmm, fav dog"



"zebra or horse"

"i cant think of anymore!" "haha" that ok im board any way" "ok what do you want to do?" "i dont know you pick" "ok then im going to do this." he leaned in and kissed me. i felt like it was the 4th of july. when he pulled away i smiled. he smiled to. he layed down on the couch and i  layed down with him. with that i fell asleep.


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