Still Into You

Jessica Avrial Parker and Justin Drew Bieber have had a history, with there on again/off again relationship its a really bumpy road. But after they break up 'for good' are they still into eachother? Will they get back together? Is their relationship more important than it seemed before? Are they really.. In love?


2. The Fight

Jessica's POV-

I was sitting with Justin on his living room couch watching Grown Ups when he got a text.

"I got it babe." I said and reached over to the coffee table and grabbed his phone.

The screen was lit up and the name on it was Selly...... Uhm.. Selena? Haha better not be.

I unlocked the screen and her text read "Loved catching up last night at dinner.. thank you for giving me the time. When we kissed I felt something... magical. Did you? :*"


My vision got blurry and tears poured out of my eyes and streamed down my face.

"Who was it babe?" Justin asked.

"WHY DONT YOU SEE FOR YOURSELF YOU CHEATER!" I yelled and threw his phone at him.

He read the text and looked up with shock completely stricken on his face, "Jessica... I-I can explain." He said standing up and walking over to me.

"No... I don't want any explaining... I thought you guys were through? I thought you loved me.. was I just used to make her jealous? Did you even love me?" I asked, barely getting the words out.

"Jessica, she just wanted to catch up... we are through. I did love you, and STILL DO. She kissed me, and I felt nothing, I didn't even kiss back, shes trying to make this happen, she knew you would see it, don't do this... please." He said.

"I think we need a break.... " I trailed off.

"No.. please no." He said, now starting to tear up.

"Good bye Justin." I said.

With that, I grabbed my jacket, got my phone off the counter, and walked out of his house, probably for the last time ever.


And with that.. I got in my car, and drove away.



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