Still Into You

Jessica Avrial Parker and Justin Drew Bieber have had a history, with there on again/off again relationship its a really bumpy road. But after they break up 'for good' are they still into eachother? Will they get back together? Is their relationship more important than it seemed before? Are they really.. In love?


1. The Characters

The Characters(:

Jessica Avrial Parker-

Jessica Avrial Parker, blonde hair, blue eyes, tan. She was a waitress who also had a gig at a club every Thursday night to sing.  Her heart belongs to Justin Bieber,  shes in love with him. But their relationship isn't as easy as it seems.


Justin Drew Bieber-

Justin Drew Bieber is a international popstar who has stolen the hearts of millions of girls around the world. He was found on youtube and his career sky rocketed. He is going nowhere but up. And his heart belongs to Jessica Parker, hes in love with her. But their relationship isn't as easy as it seems.


Pattie Mallette-

Justin Bieber's mom. She is an author, and a great mom. She is very proud of Justin and still makes sure he stays a good Christian boy he was raised to be.


Scooter Braun-


Scooter (Scott) Braun-

Justin Bieber's founder and manager.




Jeremy Bieber & 'The Littles' Jazzy and Jaxon.




Jazzy and Jaxon Bieber are Justin's half siblings but he loves them more than almost everything, they mean the world to him and he wants to give them the best.

Jeremy Bieber is Justin's dad who has always been here, people say he same when Justin was getting famous, but that's a lie, hes always been there.




You will not see Jessicas mom and dad because they aren't involved they left her when she was little...





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