Still Into You

Jessica Avrial Parker and Justin Drew Bieber have had a history, with there on again/off again relationship its a really bumpy road. But after they break up 'for good' are they still into eachother? Will they get back together? Is their relationship more important than it seemed before? Are they really.. In love?


3. One Week Later

Jessica's POV-

It's been a week since I've left Justin... its been the hardest week of my life.

All I've done is lay on my couch, watch soppy love stories and different crap, pig out, and haven't got out of my position on the couch besides getting up to get more food and drinks or going to the bathroom.

I miss him, but I'm not goona show anyone that.

I'm goona go out and be free and have fun. A fun single girl.

I got on my phone for the first time in the week. And saw I had 50 missed calls from 'Justyy<333' and 135 texts from 'Justyy<333' and 12 voicemails from 'Justyy<333'

I rolled my eyes... hes so desperate. But I was still goona look at every single one.

I read all the texts first, they were basically all the same things, I love you, im sorry, I miss you, that crap.

But theres on that caught my eye, the very last text he sent before he was done texting me for good.

"Jessica Avrial Parker.. you are the love of my life. even if and when you stop loving me, I will never stop loving you. you are my everything. my smile. my laugh. the happiness you hear in my voice. the cheerfulness in my eyes. my heart. my world. my breath. without you, I would die. please come back baby.. I miss you Jess... please come back. I still promise me and Selena have nothing.. I don't love her, at all, I love you, your the only one for me. and I will never replace you, if you leave me, I will die alone.. I need you. I miss you. please baby... please..."

I was shocked at the words.. he really does care.

I didn't need to listen to all the voicemails, so I was just going to listen to one.

Hey babe it's me, I just wanted to call to tell you that
I love you so so so so much,
Just wanted to let you know that you are my princess,
You are worthy of all of the love in the world,
You are the love of my life.

When the voicemail ended, I collapsed and just lost it. He had been bawling saying those words to me, he could barely get them out.. but he did. He really does care... I messed up.

I need to go back.... but will he still want me?

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