Fifth Harmony (One Direction FanFic)

Meet Gabby, Liz, Aria, Karla and Christina, the not so ever popular girls in their high school. But when they graduated, things starts to get crazy. Unexpected, the girls did not know that Gabby is Liam Payne's favorite cousin. Will things be ever be the same?


3. Time to meet my Cousin!

Chapter 3: Time to meet my cousin!

Liam's POV

"Lads, I have something to attend." I quickly hurried as I pack my things and put it in a small bag. 

Niall walks in the room with his boxers. It was just an early morning. Harry and Louis were busy cooking breakfast while Zayn, still sleeping again.

"Where you going, Liam?" Niall asked as he heads to the kitchen and took a bit of taco's into his mouth.

"I have to pick up my cousin with her friends at the airport at 8:00." I said while taking a small bit. It was 7:30 am.

"Wait you have a cousin?" They asked with curiosity on their hand. 

I nod and head out to the door and went straight to the airport. 


Gabrielle's POV

"Liam, so am I gonna meet Aunty?" I asked as I keep on glancing on the window of the taxi. 

He smiled, "No, Mom's not here. You see, I am here with some friends." 

"Who?" I asked curiously. Just in time the cab stop. I got out and saw a really huge and tall hotel. Maybe its the most popular hotel here in London (Main London, I graduated in Northern London)

I followed him as we made it to the elevator. Maybe it's his band. The One Direction is he staying with.

"Liam, Mom said that I will be staying with you for a weekend right?" I reminded.

"Yeah but If you want, you can stay until you graduate college." He said. Oh Cool!

The elevator door opens and we walked through the hallway where I could see really cool doors of suites.

I was wrong about my Cousin. He is rich.

"As I open the door be sure to scare them. Okay?" I nod. He opened the door and gave me a go sign.

I jumped, "Hi!" I snapped. The guys screamed, "Ahhh!" Liam and I smiled and we high five.

"Nice!" He commented. And we just continued laughing.

"Not funny!" Harry yelped. They all stood up and looked really angry.

I smacked Liam using my elbows. "Sorry, it was my-" I started but Liam interrupted, "It's my fault. Actually. But this is my cousin, Gabby. Gabby meet One Direction."

I smiled trying to lighten up. "Hi and terribly sorry about what I did." 

"It's okay, love." A curly haired guy said and he has a really cute smile. "Name's Harry Styles."

I shook his hands and another guy stepped in. He looks like a Pakistani, "I'm Zayn Malik. This is Louis Tomlinson." He introduced. The other guy has the most perfect british accent I have ever heard.

"Nice to meet you." I said. "This is Niall Horan." Louis introduced. He is really cute. He has the most perfect blonde hair and cutest blue eyes. I think I am starstrucked. 

"Hi." He said shyly. I shook my head, "Hello." I smiled. He is really cute. I think this will be the best weekend ever!



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