Fifth Harmony (One Direction FanFic)

Meet Gabby, Liz, Aria, Karla and Christina, the not so ever popular girls in their high school. But when they graduated, things starts to get crazy. Unexpected, the girls did not know that Gabby is Liam Payne's favorite cousin. Will things be ever be the same?


6. This is what happens when someone messes with Gabby

Chapter 6: This is the reason why I hate wearing PJ's in the morning

Niall's POV

"We're here." I sighed as we went inside the McDonalds. But Gab grab my hand. "I don't think this is a good idea. Wearing our PJ's in a fast food restaurant. Not the best choice."

I stared at her and she really looked at me seriously. "Yeah maybe we should change." I said but I notice the whole restaurant was empty.

"Gab!" She looked, "What? She snapped. I point at the restaurant. "What's going on?" We went inside.

"Something's not right." She blurred. We exchange glances. Then all of the sudden, "Gotcha!" Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis walked out. But Liam is laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked. 

"You really bought it! And Gabby was like Okay I can do it!" They laughed so hard. "Did you forgot that you both are in your pajamas?"

I looked at Gab. She is mad. She did something really unexpected. She dragged a table, a small table to be exact and broke it. 

"Gabby!" Liam snapped. "What the heck did you do?"

"Not so funny now ha?" She smirked. Then her face changed, "What did I just do?" 

"Don't tell me that you don't remember that?" Zayn pointed. 

Liam puts his hand on her shoulder, "Well she did get a black belt when she was just 10. We better clean this up."

We cleaned the place also we ate the same time. "So who's idea was it?" Gabby asked. Glad to see that she's in a good mood. 

"Liam did but Harry helped too." Louis admitted. "Look Gab, we really did not know you can break a McDonalds table. You should warn us next time."

Gab laughed, "Also my cousin and I took lessons at Gymnastics, Swimmings and a little bit of Archery and Martial Arts like taekwondo." 

We exchanged glances like Is she serious?

"I can demonstrate if you want." She said seriously. 

"Next time, Gab. When we need it the most okay?" Liam said assurely. "Let's just go home and finish our breakfast."

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