Fifth Harmony (One Direction FanFic)

Meet Gabby, Liz, Aria, Karla and Christina, the not so ever popular girls in their high school. But when they graduated, things starts to get crazy. Unexpected, the girls did not know that Gabby is Liam Payne's favorite cousin. Will things be ever be the same?


22. Gabby is Sick!

Chapter 22: Gabby is Sick!

Hotel Suite

Gabby's POV

My head is definitely spinning and I am looking upside down. Really, my head is spinning. I could feel the inside hotness within me. I am exhausted because of Aria's birthday party. 

I open my eyes and find myself sleeping upside down. I am too tired to walk out from the room. 

A knock interrupt me from my thoughts. "Gab?" It was Niall's. He sounds a little bit worried.

I want to answer him but I am too weak to answer. He was in silent for a while then he opens the door.

He walks to my bed and touches lightly my forehead. "You're hot. Like hot." He takes out a temparature. "I'll give you  a medicine. This is good."
He hands me a medicine, I have never seen before.

"What's this?" I scanned and examined it just to be sure. But I wasn't familiar with this one.

Niall crosses his arms and sits in the sofa. "Just drink it. I'm going to take you to school today."

I raised my eyebrow. What?

"Niall.....wait." I say weakly. "You...can't do....that."

He grabbed my arm and carry me in a bridal style to the room. I'm glad that my friends are still sleeping. Just don't tell them, they're good at sharing. 

"Niall." I say before I planned to go to sleep. Niall carefully touches my hair and it makes me shut my eyes.

The Last thing I saw is his cute angelic smile, assuring that I will be well. Hope that works.


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