Fifth Harmony (One Direction FanFic)

Meet Gabby, Liz, Aria, Karla and Christina, the not so ever popular girls in their high school. But when they graduated, things starts to get crazy. Unexpected, the girls did not know that Gabby is Liam Payne's favorite cousin. Will things be ever be the same?


11. Dishes!

Chapter 11: Movie Night!

Hotel Suite

Niall's POV

After we have some very delicious dinner led by the girls, Harry planned to have a movie night. As expected, they sprinted their way to the living room and left the dining table uncleaned. Since I have a good side, I planned to wash the plates.

I went to the kitchen where I saw Gabby, washing the plates. Where's Liam?

"Hey." I approached. She looked cute. Her brown hair was tied with a blue ribbon. Her black eyes seemed to sparkle. She was wearing her blue jeans and a simple blue t-shirt. 

"Hi." She smiled and she just continued on her doing. "What are you doing here?"

"Maybe I could help you." I took one plate and start washing it. 

"Thanks. I thought you guys were having a movie night or something."

"Yeah, they watched it but I decided to stay here though." 

She gave me a weird look. She raised her eyebrows, "Really? I thought the famous Niall Horan loves to hangout than cleaning his own room?"

I smirked, "Oh yeah?" Then I splashed her face with bubbles from the sink. "Hey!" Within minutes, we were both covered in bubbles.

"Not so funny, Niall!" She splashed another bubbles in my face. "Hahaha" We were laughing.

"What the heck is going on here?" We looked up, and saw Liam crossing his arms in his chest. Aw man, were in trouble.

I stood up quickly then helped Gab. "Liam! We were just----" Gabby started. She looks like she's pretty shaken off. Maybe she is scared of Liam.

"You two better clean this. Before we finish the movie." Liam ordered, I catch a sight of Louis, Zayn and Harry laughing at the back. "Niall, you shouldn't be there. Leave that to my cousin." And he wandered off.

Gab went to the dishwasher and finish the final batch of remaining plates. "Does he always do that?" She looked worried.

"It depends. He's always protecting me that's what I know." She continued. The dishes were done and she cleaned the table afterwards. I took the rag and wipe it.

"I think he's bossing you." I said. I know that was a little bit mean but she has to know the truth. "Do you know that?"

She nod, "Yeah he does that but I ignored it. End of discussion, Niall."

"Okay." After she cleaned the table she went off to her room. 

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