Fifth Harmony (One Direction FanFic)

Meet Gabby, Liz, Aria, Karla and Christina, the not so ever popular girls in their high school. But when they graduated, things starts to get crazy. Unexpected, the girls did not know that Gabby is Liam Payne's favorite cousin. Will things be ever be the same?


5. Breakfast at McDonalds!

Chapter 5: Breakfast at McDonalds!

Gabby's POV

"NIALL!!!!" Liam yelled as we and Niall high fived. He told me to keep quiet. "Act Natural." I nod.

I went to the living room and saw Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis and they're faces are covered with markers.

"Gabby!" Liam snapped. I turned, "Liam, I swear I did not do that." I used my best expression to convince him that I did not do it.

But Zayn was looking at me seriously. "Okay, Niall helped too." I pointed at him where he was trying to walk away.

"Hey!" He exclaimed. He joined us and he pouted, "Traitor." He whispered.

"Am not." I whispered back. We were glared at each other.

"This is not funny, Gab." Liam reminded. "As punishment, you will cook us breakfast." Wait what? 

I followed them to the kitchen. "What? I can't cook. Liam, you know I am a terrible cook." 

Liam rolled his eyes, "That's your problem not mine." 

I glared at him, a death glare. "Fine!" I took the money from Harry's hand and I went outside.


Niall's POV

"You're not gonna let her go easily, do you?" I asked worriedly. 

Liam smiled, "Go after her, Niall. Please." He beg. Wait. Liam begging on me?

"Why me? Louis could do it." I heard Louis said Hey!

"C'mon Niall, your the one who helped her pranking us." Zayn reminded. 

I went outside and try to catch up to Gabby. I caught her and grabbed her wrist, "Stop." I huffed.

"What?" She asked angrily. "What do you want?"

"Liam asked me to join you okay?"

"Fine. But we have to find McDonalds though." 

"I know where! C'mon!" 

"Wait!" She face palms. "You do realize we are wearing our pajamas?"

I look down and saw I am in my blue pajamas. Dang it! 

"We got no time, don't worry people won't mind." I tend to smile. She smiled me back which inspires me more to hang out with her. 

"C'mon. Liam will be mad more if he finds out that we did not buy any breakfast today." 

"Yeah." And we off to McDonalds with our PJ's.

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