Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


19. the screw up

I look at myself, scars an bruises. I sigh, I'm a screw up. How can anyone want me? I sink down on the floor in my room. I'm in the bathroom, I haven't told anyone that I've been cutting. Especially Louis, he'd make me go to the hospital. I sit there, I'm just adding on to my scars. I let the tears fall from my cheeks.

"Annika open the door", Louis says.

I don't talk anymore, can't deal with it. I open it up and look at him, I'm full of mixed emotions. I lightly wave and walk past him. He wraps his arms around me,

"I'm sorry I did this to you", he says.

I only shrug, I still let the tears run down my pale cheeks. He makes me look at him,

"Say something please!"

I shake my head, and curl up. He kisses my head. I'm scared this will make me lose him.

"Annika, I love you and I want you to open up to me again. Please talk", he says.

I want to say something, tell him what Mitchell did. He told me not to tell anyone. But I had to it was killing me.

"Mitchell", I whisper.

He looks at me, "What about him?"

I feel the tears run down my cheeks, "tell me."

Just say he raped you, your so stupid! I think to myself.

"After the second tour when you were with Eleanor. H- he", I say.

I can't bring myself to say it.

"Raped me", I whisper.

But Louis heard.


"Louis please don't say a word, he'll kill me", I beg.

I never should've said it. I feel ashamed, I really am a whore. Everything I've ever been called is true.

"I'm a whore, bitch everything", I whisper.

"You're not."

I look at Louis, I fell for him and I fell hard. I wish I didn't.

"I am, you know it. I cheated, you told me to left and I tried killing myself. But Sean saved me. I did again, you told me to leave you pushed me and I was sent to the hospital not able to leave. I tore myself apart thinking about what we had. Cody started to get annoyed of me. I changed myself again, and I've been cutting. I'm not perfect, don't tell me I don't have to be. Because Louis William Tomlinson, I have to be perfect. I'm not perfect for you Eleanor Calder is. I'm no super model, I'm not pretty. I'm just a freak I always will be. So leave me, I'll leave. Never disturb you again or my brother", I say crying in the process.

"Annika I don't care that's the past, I've made mistakes. Eleanor is perfect, sure. But she's perfect as a celebrity. Your perfect because your normal your not famous or stuck up. Your sweet, caring and your sensitive. Your not beautiful your gorgeous. Sure you cheated, but I let my emotions get the best of me. You stopped coming to me with your problems because you were scared. Baby I love you for who you are. I don't care if your not like Eleanor. You're your own person. You are the one I love, I'm sorry I fell for you and make you fall for me. But every fight and mistakes makes it our journey. I love you", he says and kisses me.

I kiss back, I want this to tell him about everything. Once he pulls away I look at him and look away,

"Annika look at me", he says. I do and I see him holding a ring.

"Will you marry me?", he asks.

I feel more tears.

"Yes Louis! A million times yes!", I say and push him down in a hug.

"I love you", he says playing with my hair.

I can't say a word, I just kiss him and he kisses back.

"Louis, Annika are you busy?", Liam asks and sees us.

I blush,

"did you ask?", he says.

Louis nods, I'm just smiling. I see a flash and Louis looks at me.

 "I needed to see your beautiful smile."

I look down, I feel so happy. That's when I hear her.

"Lou!", Eleanor calls.

I look at him, and I feel those unhappy emotions come.

"Go", I say wanting to think alone.

•Louis' POV•

I go downstairs and see Eleanor standing there. I broke up with her why is she back? She hugs me,

"Eleanor why are you here?", I ask.

"I want you back!", she says.

Fuck! All the boys had left the house and Annika is upstairs. She pushes herself on me. She kisses me and I fight back.

"No Eleanor, I have Annika", I say.

"You don't love her Louis. You love me", she says.

I look and see Annika standing there.

"No, I don't Eleanor, I'm sorry I love Annika. If you don't respect that then leave cause I'm not planning on hurting her anytime soon", I say pushing her out of the door.

She looks at Annika, "I'll get him back."

I shut the door and she looks at me, she looks more pale than ever.

"What's wrong?", I ask.

"I think I'm pregnant Lou", she says and then I see her stomach and it has the baby belly.

But I know whose it will be.

"Come here Annika."

She runs in my arms and covers her face in her hands. I sooth her hair, I didn't notice till now. She cries, I know she doesn't want to be pregnant.

"Harry can't know", I say.

I hug her tight.

"I can't know what?" 

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