Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


8. The news

 They made me feel better. It's been a week since I left. Logan, Jessie, Julia, Mitchell, Mason and Jake are at my house. My mum is at work, we decided to watch the news, we do it when we're bored. 

"Is team Stylinson over? It seems so. Louis Tomlinson has been seen with a new girl. Eleanor Calder a big time model", the news reporter says. 

I almost choke, "They've said that their relationship is thanks to Zayn Malik. Louis' band mate. He seems happy with her. But what happened to Annika Styles? Harry's sister. No one knows", she says.

I turn off the tv. 

"The hell?"

"She's a new model that came around when the X factor season they were on came." 

 She's stunning, more beautiful. I thought I moved on, but seeing her with him makes me jealous. I'm glade he's happy. But team Stylinson? That's Louis and Harry. Jesus Christ.

"Don't worry Annika, he's missing out on someone who's great", Julia says.


"Come on let's head to the Skate Park", Jake says. 

We all get up, and head to the skate park. Jake is holding my hand, this is what we usually do. Then we see them. The populars who graduated with Jake, Mitchell, Logan, Julia, Jessie and I. 

"Hey look it's Annika", Lauren says. 

We walk to them. 

"What the hell do you want", I say to her face.

Then her boyfriend Isaac steps up to me.

"Leave her alone", he says.

"Your not better than everyone. So why do you finally decide to talk to me?", I ask Lauren. 

"Your famous, your brothers famous. But your poor little heart is broken. Louis never loved you cause you an emo skateboarding freak", she says. I slap her. "Louis loved me. But he didn't want to hurt me so we called it off", I say. 

She gets on my nerves, Isaac grabs my wrist pushing me on the ground. Jake, Mitchell and Logan pull him off of me. Mason, and Julia help me out. Isaac had slapped me and I had a red mark on my face. Lauren moved in front of me. 

"See I'm going to make sure your life is a living hell." 

They walk away. I can't believe this. 

"Annika ignore her", Julia says.

"I'll try Julia but she's making me feel like Louis never loved me once."

I know he did. I decide not to skateboard, I watch them. Jake stays with me. 

 "Annika are you okay?", he asks.


I lied to him but he doesn't need to worry. I want to ask Jake to be my boyfriend but I'm so scared. 

"Annika", he says. 

This time I turn to face him.

"Will you be my girlfriend?", he asks.

"Yeah Jake", I say. 

He hugs me, and I hug back. Then I notice Mason standing there. 

"Mason I'm sorry", I say. 

He walks off. Julia comes over.

"He's pissed at me", I say.

"Annika he loves you, he's all you talk about", she says.

I know he does. 

"This is why I can't handle it, I'll talk to him", I say running after him. 

"Mason", I yell.

He stops.

"What?", he says. 

"What do you want me to do? Your younger than me", I say. 

But he's taller than me.

"Kiss me once", he says.

We were far enough, Jake won't see. He bends down and take me by the hips and he kisses me. I feel sparks, something I haven't felt since I kissed Louis, I wrap my arms around his neck. He licks my lip wanting entrance. I let him, our tongues explore each others mouths. I never thought I'd be kissing Julia's brother. I pull away. 

"Mason I", he kisses me again. I kiss back, I forget about the world. 


•Jake's POV•

 I see them kissing and I'm not jealous. I guess I'm over my crush and they look like a good couple. 

"Julia tell Annika I'm over my crush on her. She can date Mason", I say. 

"Alright", she says walking over to them. 


•Annika's POV•

   I pull away again and see Julia walking up. She whispers that me and Jake are over, that he wants me to date Mason. I nod, she walks back over.

"Mason, do you want to go out?", I ask.


Then I see the boys parked across the street watching us. Everyone is there except for Louis. 

"I'll be back Mase", I say running across the street. 

He lets me and walks to the skate park. I walk to them. That's when I see Louis without his girlfriend. 

"Is that Julia's brother?", Harry asks.

"Yeah, that Mason."

Everyone looks at me.

"Why are you friends with a bunch of emo kids?", Louis asks. 

"Because they're my friends", I say. 

Then I notice Louis staring at my cheek.

"What the hell happened?", he says. 


He cares, he has a girlfriend he shouldn't care.

"Annika who hit you?", Niall says. 

"Someone named Isaac cause I slapped his stuck up, slutty girlfriend Lauren. For calling me an emo skateboarding freak", I say. 

That's when Louis takes my hand and pulls me in the car by ourselves. 

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