Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


7. The breakup

I hate myself for letting Jake go. I guess I should be over it, but I'm not.

"Annika", Louis says.

"Yeah?", I say.

"I think we should break up", Louis says.

"Louis, I", I start to say but find myself stopping.


"It's just better for now. We can still be friends", he says.

I nod, my heart sinks, I lost two of the people that love me.

"Whatever", I say and walk away.

I sit on the couch and curl up. I wasn't in the mood anymore. Harry sits next to me.

"What's wrong?", he says.

"I lost Jake and Louis." I knew how he would react to Louis.

He sighs,

"Im tired of this Harry, Jake was right. Louis would hurt me."

Harry hugs me, I let tears fall down my cheeks.

"Can I go home?", I ask.

"Yeah." I get up and go to pack my things. I stop at Louis' door. I see him crying.

"Lou", I say.

He turns,


"I'm leaving", I say.

I walk in and sit next to him.

"I'll miss you", he says.

"I'll miss you too", I say and hug him.

He holds on tight. He pulls away and looks at me, he kisses me. I don't feel the sparks anymore. I pull away and my heart sinks.

"Bye Louis", I say.

I go to my room and pack all my things. I grab my bag and walk my things. Harry takes my bag, and throws it in the truck. We drive off. I wish this wasn't so hard, I wish I had a better life. 

  •Louis's POV•

  "I'm leaving", Annika says with hurt in her eyes.

"I'll miss you", I say.

"I'll miss you too", she says hugging me.

I hold on tight. I pull away and kiss her, I don't feel the sparks anymore. I guess it's the sadness. I called it off, because she was hurt.

"Bye Louis", she says.

She leaves, I can't believe she's leaving. But I need to let go. I know she'll be better. I watch her walk down the stairs and I hear the front door open and close. She's gone out of my life. Forever. I knew this would happen, she'll be happier.

"Louis, it's okay", I look up and see Zayn.

"It's not. I won't love anyone the same way", I say.

"Listen, Perrie is coming over later and she's bringing a friend. I'm sure shell cheer you up", Zayn says.

I just lay on my bed and he leaves. I wish, I still love Annika. 

  •Annika's POV•


  I get on the plane, goodbye London hello Cheshire. I turn my phone to airplane mode. I look at the video me and Louis took. Laughing and being happy. I smile, and turn on music. I play moments and close my eyes. 

•1 hour later•

  I get off and find mum. I walk to her. 

"Annika. Are you sure you want to do this?" 

"Yeah, who else is going to hurt me. I have you and harry that's all I need", I say and we walk home, our flat isn't far from the airport.

When we reach the flat, I walk off to my room. I get in and set my bag on the ground. I'll go out tomorrow. I'll need something to do. I can't sleep, I know mum is asleep. I walk downstairs. I walk outside and go on a walk, I see Jake a few blocks down. I put my head down. 

"Annika?", he calls. 

I lift my head and look at him. But I keep walking, just ignore him. He hurt you, you don't need anyone. He runs to me stopping me. 

"Annika why are you here?", he asks.

"I uh. Louis broke up with me. I couldn't live with him anymore. So I came home", I say. 

"I'm sorry", he says, "I guess I should go." 

"Bye Jake", I say. 

I go to leave but he takes my hand. 

"I miss being your best friend. Please, I want to be friends it's killing me", he says. 

Tears start forming in my eyes. 

"Please?", I ask. 

He hugs me, I miss him. 

"Come on, me and you are going on a walk", he says. 

He takes my hand and we walk to the park we'd spend so much time at. Aka the skate park. I see Logan, Julia, Mitchell, Jessie and Mason. I giggle, they all run to me. 

"Annika", they yell and hug me. 

"Hey", I say. 

"Are you done with One Direction?", Julia asks. 

"Yeah, I'm done. They're nice but I never should've left my friends", I say. 

"We've missed you", Logan and Mason say. 

"Yeah your like my sister", Jessie says and she smiles. 

"Annika, next time. Don't leave us", Mitchell says. 

"Yeah you became a goody goody", Julia says. 

"I know, my mum is going to hate me. But like I should care", I say.

I see Mason looking at me smirking. I know how much he's liked me. We all sit at the top of the ramp. I lay against Jake. If I ever dated anyone again it'd be Jake. It's July, so it's nice and warm. We just watch the stars. I forgot that Mitchell and Julia are dating, and so are Logan and Jessie. I missed the days we sneaked out and come here. We were true friends. My phone rings breaking the silence. It's Louis. Jake sees and takes my phone answering it. 

"Louis she's not feeling well", he lies. 

"Yeah, I'll tell her", he says and hangs up.

He hands me my phone.

"He wanted you to know he's moving on", he says. 

It hurts me, but he deserves to have someone better. 

"I'm glade for him." 

Mason pats my shoulder. I'm glade we're friends. 

•Louis's POV•

   Once she walks through the door I swear I died. She's beautiful, but not compared to Annika. 

"Louis this is Eleanor", Perrie says. 

"Hello", I say. 

"Hi", she says nervously.

I take her hand leading her to the sofa. She seems so nervous. 

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