Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


14. Making Harry Cry

Harry was finally asleep. I had warmed up my straighter. I start to straighten his hair, luckily he's a heavy sleeper. When I'm done I laugh. I take the camera and my straightener and leave. I walk back to my room I hide the camera and put the straightener in the bathroom. I walk to Louis' room.

"I can't sleep", I lie.

"Come here", he says.

I lay next to him, I'm doing this because Harry's room is right next to mine. He wraps his arms around me.

"I love you Lou", I say. 

"Love you too", he says. I drift off to sleep hoping Harry doesn't look in the mirror. 


"ANNIKA ROSE STYLES!", Harry yells. 

That's something you want to wake up to. He comes in with sweats on and his hair still straight. I try not to laugh. The boys come in looking at Harry and burst out laughing. 

"This is not funny!", he says. 

"Don't mess with me", I say. 

"I have an interview today!", he says. 

"I didn't know", I say giggling. Behind me Louis is laughing too. I get up. 

"We can use my curler or you leave your hair straight if you use my curler you'll look like me", I say. "I hate you Annika", he says.

"No you looove me", I say as he walks out.

I take Liam's phone from his hand. 

"No phone", I say. 

"Zayn no using mirrors and two more hours without food Niall", I say. 

"What about Louis!", they says. 

"None of your business."

They leave and Liam tries taking his phone. But I move so he can't get it.

"What about me", Louis says.

"You can't kiss me all day", I say. 

"You're a tease, your coming to our interview", he says.

"Fine", I say.

I go to my room and put on a blue long sleeved shirt and jeans. I put on the blue converses and the bracelets. I go and brush my hair. I put on minimal makeup. I put on the locket last. 

"You ready Annika?!", Niall yells. 

"Yep", I say from behind him making him jump.

He glares at me. I sit on Louis and go on Liam's twitter. 

It's Annika, daddy direction has been bad. So I took his phone away, we're off to an interview. Hope you guys have a good day xx

I put his phone in my pocket, he looks at me.

"What did you do?", he asks. 

"Nothing." I hear Niall and Zayn laughing.

"Niall let me see you phone", Liam says. 

He shows him and he glares at me. I giggle. 

"payback Mr.Payne payback", I say. 

We reach where they're having their interview. We walk inside and Simon is surprised to see me. The boys go to their dressing rooms. I see Louis come out in his suspenders and red and white striped shirt and his red pants. Then the rest of the boys.

"Is she coming out too?", Louis asks. 

"Sure, she can wear what she is", he says. 

I look at Louis. 

"I hate you", I say. 

"Annika why is Harry's hair straight", Simon asks. 

"She straightened it in my sleep", Harry says.

I laugh, 

"You asked for it." 

"Today we have One Direction and their special guest Annika Styles", the man says.

We walk out I hear people yelling my name. 

"So first thing, Annika people have been talking about your boyfriend Mason Distrud." 

"Yeah, uh me and Mason said long distance would work so we broke up", I say. 

"How did you two meet?" 

"Uh he's my best friends brother", I say. 

He nods. He goes on asking the boys questions. I ignore it I would smile and laugh with them. I didn't exactly want to be there.

I hear a fan ask, "Harry who straightened your hair?!" 

He looks at me, and I know he wants me to answer.

"I did last night, him and the boys played a trick on me. They all had payback one of them is straightening his hair", I say.

"So you guys play tricks on each other?", he asks. 

"Yep", we all say in unison. 

"That's all the time we have next we have Cody Simpson, and Jessie J", he says. 

We walk off stage and back. I was actually screaming inside that Cody Simpson is here. He's one of my favorite singers. The boys change and we leave.  

"Can I have my phone now?", Liam says. 

"Here", I say. 

"I'm starving!", Niall says.

"Fine we can go eat", I say.

He hugs me, "Thank you!" 

That's when I see Cody and Jessie walk inside. I see Cody wink at me. Weird. We get in and drive to get food.   

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