Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


4. Love Again

we leave the restaurant and Louis takes my hand in his. I enjoyed this, if I really did date Louis I was lucky.

"Hey Lou", I say.

"Yeah?", he says.

"When we dated before the accident and coma. Were we this perfect?", I ask. 

He smiles and stops me at the car, I look into his blue eyes. 

"Kinda, we did fight which caused you to do the thing that caused your coma", he says.

Dammit! He still won't tell me.

"What caused  my coma Louis? Tell me please", I beg.

He hesitates to say what he's going to, he told Harry he wouldn't but I would never figure it out. 

"You tried killing yourself cause of a fight we had. You jumped off a cliff and almost drowned to death, but Sean saved you. But you hit your head", he says.

Sean saved me? My ex boyfriend who made me feel pathetic? Great. I shake my head, this really happened. So that's why Louis was there. He stayed with me, not knowing I won't remember out relationship. I can't believe I hurt him that much.

"That's why you stayed because you love me", I say. 

"Yeah, I love you Annika. I always will", he says. 

I hug him, and he hugs a making me feel secure for once in my life. I never understood love till now. He pulls away and kisses me, making me feel those explosions again. Not actually but tingles. He licks my bottom lip begging for an entrance and I let him. He pulls away and I smile. We get in the car, with no words at all. 

once we get back, I walk upstairs. I'm tired as hell. I go and put on shorts and a black tank top. Once my head hits the pillow,I'm out. 

•Louis' POV•

   Annika walked upstairs and I go sit on the sofa. "How was your guys date?", Niall asks.

"Good, but", I say making sure Harry wasn't here.

"I told her how she got in a coma."  

They're eyes get big. I mean she needed to know. It would take her months maybe years to figure out.

"She wanted to know", I say.

"She does have a right to know, I mean Harry can't keep it from her", Liam says.

Thank god! Someone agrees with me, just then Harry walks in. He has a weird look plastered on his face.

"Hey Harreh", I say.

"Hi Louis", he says. He doesn't call me boo bear anymore because of the who,e Larry Stylinson thing. It was stupid. He sits next to me.

"What's wrong?", Niall asks.

He looks up his eyes are puffed and his nose is red.

"Annika, she's crying in her sleep. I don't know, she won't wake up", he says.

I bolt up and go up to her room.

"Stop!", she cries.

"Cole stop!", she says.

I know what she's dreaming about.

"Annika get up!", I say shaking her.

"Annika Styles get up!", I say.

Her eyes open and she starts crying.

"Louis", she says hugging me.

"I know babe", I say.

She's starting to remember and it's hurting her.

"He almost killed me", she says.

He did almost kill her. She gets my shirt soaked with her tears. I don't mind.

"I'll stay with you okay?", I say.

I feel her nod. She lays down and I lay next to her, enclosing her in my arms. I kiss the back of her head.

"Thank you Lou", she says before falling asleep.

I fall asleep several minutes after her.

•Annika's POV•

   I woke up remembering we're on the tour bus. I see Louis next to me asleep. He's so cute when he's asleep. I smile and kiss his forehead. I go to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of cereal. I pour in milk and get a spoon. I sit on the couch and turn on the tv. I turn on Disney. I'm eighteen years old and I still watch Disney. I hear the boys get up,

"Morning Annika", they say.

I wave at them and watch shake it up, reruns. Then I hear Louis get up, he walks up behind me, covering my eyes.

"Hi Lou", I laugh.

He uncovers my eyes. I look up at him and he kisses me.

"Get a room", Niall says.

"I'd be happy to, but you guys have a concert tonight", I say.

They groan. I've made sure they are up and ready like I promised Simon. I'm at all their rehearsals. I don't distract them, which is good and surprisingly I haven't gotten hate.

"Do we have to?", Harry groans sitting next to me.

"Yes, you do. Boys I know it's hard work but do it", I say.

"Annika can I talk to you", Louis says.

I get up and walk to our room on the bus.

"What Lou?", I ask.

"Have you been cheating?", he asks.

Why would I and with who?

"No Louis I haven't", I say.

He doesn't believe me.

"Really what about the texts you got", he says.

I never should've told him my password. He shows me the texts. From Jake. He changed his number and I didn't save it.

"Louis that's Jake, he changes his number!", I say a bit annoyed. 

"I don't believe you", he says.

"Of course you don't Louis", I say.

I walk away, he grabs my wrist. I was afraid this would happen I stay in a relationship for more than a month, and they start the fight that ends it.

"Louis don't believe me fine. But I'm not lying", I say. I walk off and sit back with the boys. I'm not ruining this, I don't want to Lose Louis. But he takes my hand and pulls me back to talk.

"I'm serious Annika", he says.

"So am I! I would never cheat on you! God this is what always happens", I say running my fingers through my hair.


"Where I get broken, because someone cheats. Lou you really must not trust me", I say.

"I do!", he says.

"No, you don't just leave me alone. I need my space", I say going to the music room on the bus. I sit down on the couch.

No one understands this. Then Josh walks in. I look at him, making sure I don't cry.

"You okay?", he asks.

I nod, I was just fine. Except for Louis but why tell him. He sits next to me and looks worryingly at me. I get up but he grabs my wrist and pull me to him. I look at him but before I know it he kisses me. I push against him.

"Josh, no", I say.

I stand up and walk to the other side of the room. I'm not going to hurt Louis. But Josh apparently doesn't know how to listen and he grabs my waist and pulls me to him. He kisses me and makes me kiss him back. I try pulling away. But he pulls me closer. I can't pull away.

 "I knew it Annika", Louis says.

We both pull away.

"Louis josh kissed me!", I say.

"Leave", he says.

"Lou I", I say.

"Pack your bags and leave Annika! Don't come back", he says.

I push past them and pack my stuff. 


I  wake up and I feel sweat all over my body. I see Louis asleep next to me. He didn't change the nightmares coming back. I gently take his arms and move them. I go take a shower. I close the door and let the warm water relax me. I do my business and get out wrapping a towel around myself. I quickly grab my clothes going back to the bathroom and putting on my bra and underwear. I then put on a white tank top and a pair of grey jeans. I step out and Louis is awake.

"Morning", I say.

He signals me to come over. I lay next to him. He looks at me.

"What's wrong?", he says.

"I'm sorry Louis", I say.

"What are yo-", he says but I cut him off.

"For being such a bitch before. I had a dream about our fight. I'm so sorry", I say.

He sits up and I do too.

"Annika it wasn't you. I didn't let you explain", he says looking right into my eyes.

"Lou I didn't tell you Jake changed his number", I say.

  He takes me in his arms.

"I don't care about it anymore, I love you", he says.

I look up at him. Why is he so perfect? He kisses me, and I give in. He pulls away, too early.

"Are we dating then?", he asks.

"Yeah." I get up.

"Come on Lou lets get food", I say. He laughs and comes with me. He takes my hand and we walk down. I smell Harry making pancakes. Please don't burn them. I sit at the island and Louis wraps his arm around my waist.

"Morning Haz", I say.

He turns and looks at Louis and I.

"Together again?", he asks.

I grin and he takes that as yes. He puts the plates in front of us. I chow down, I'm really hungry today. 

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