Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


10. Leaving For Tour

 I look at Mason.

"Bye babe", he says.

"Bye", I say.

He kisses me passionately. I hug Logan, Mitchell, Jake, Julia and Jessie.

"I'll be back", I say.

"Don't become girly again", Julia says.

"I won't."

I get on the bus and we leave. I sit on the so familiar sofa. I hear Louis and Eleanor laughing. That should be me with him. But I have Mason.

"Jealous?", Liam asks as they all sit down.

"A little", I say.

"Eleanor is so bratty", Harry says.

Like I'd know. They come out.

"Oh I forgot she was coming. There's no room on here", he says.

I roll my eyes.

"I'll sleep out here then, I don't mind", I say.

I'm looking at Eleanor she's perfect and Louis is happy. I turn away.

"I think that's a good idea I don't want that near Louis", she says.

I hold in wanting to slap her. I look away and ignore her. I talk to the boys.

"So how long is this Tour?"

"A couple months", Harry says.

Great. I don't thinking could deal with her for two months.

"Is there a music room on here?", I ask though I knew the answer.

"Yeah in the back", Niall says.

I walk back there shutting the door I grab a guitar and play the acoustic version of that should be me. I skip to the second verse. 

"That should be me
You said you needed a little time
For my mistakes
It's funny how you use that time
To have me replaced
But did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies
What you doin' to me
You're takin' him where we used to go
Now if you're tryin' to break my heart"

I hear clapping and see The boys. I feel bit embarrassed.

"Why don't you sing?", Zayn says.

"I don't know", I say.

"Ugh, she's horrible. Just drop her back off", she says.

"just do it", I say.

They stop the bus and I grab my bag and get off. I text Mitchell to pick me up. He does.

"She's to stuck up", I  say. 

"I'm sure", he says.

But we stopped.

"Mitchell why did we stop?", I say.

He kisses me, I never thought he'd do this. He moves us to the back seat and I struggle to get free.

"What about Julia?", I say.

"She won't know", he says and kisses me.

He takes off my shirt. He sucks the tender spot. I moan and cover my mouth. He starts kissing down my stomach. I shiver and he moves my hands and kisses me, licking my bottom lip for entrance. I deny he tries again. He puts his hands on my boobs and I gasp he uses it to his advantage and sticks his tongue in my mouth. He shoves his tongue down my throat. He pulls off my black leggings. I try fighting back but he's straddling me. That's when I pass out. 

When I wake up I'm at my house in my bed. Mum went on vacation so I had the house to myself. I had my clothes on. I get up, I walk downstairs and fin all my friends there.

"You're okay", Julia says the first one to hug me.

Then Mason, Jessie, Logan, Jake and Mitchell.

"Are you okay?", Mason asks.

"Yeah", I say.

He takes me in his arms. Everyone leaves but Mitchell whispers in my ear.

"Don't tell Mason. It's our secret", he says.

If he's my friend, why rape me? I lay with Mason and we interlock fingers. He's so cute. We lay like this and I fall asleep. 

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