Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


11. I love him

I woke up next to Mason. I gently move his arms from around me. I decide to go for a walk, it's around midnight. I walk out my front door, I see Sean across the street. I swear he sees me so I go bend down around the bushes. That's when someone covers my mouth and I black out. 


•Louis's POV•


  I'm mad that Eleanor would treat Annika like this. I know Annika must've stopped loving me. I lay in bed with Eleanor completely forgetting about ne'er talking to me.

"Louis!", she says.

"Oh, yeah?", I say.

She rolls her eyes.

"Do you still love Annika?", she asks.

I know how I should answer, I want to say yes. But it'll hurt her.


She lays her head back on my arm. She falls asleep, she's a heavy sleeper, so I get up and walk to the music room to be alone. Our last tour; this is we're I found Annika kissing Josh. Where I hurt her. I frown and feel guilt rush through me. I close the door and sit down in one of the chairs. I call Annika. I wait after several rings and no answer. She would usually answer but what happened to her. She must be asleep or something. I shouldn't bother her she has Mason. I sit in here awhile. 


•Annika's POV•


  I wake up in an unfamiliar room. The walls are all white, I forgot what happened. I remember having the boys leave me here because of Eleanor. I remember Mitchell raping me. But not after that, it's all blank. I hear a shower running, I open the door and slip out of this house. I have no clue where I am. I find my phone and see Louis called. Why? He should be happy with Eleanor. I call Harry.

"Annika? Why the hell haven't you answered your phone?", he says.

I sigh.

"Because I go kidnapped and I was knocked out", I say.

"What?! Where are you?", he asks.

"I don't know", I say.

I realize I'm in front of the flat. I start walking away that's when I see the skate park.

"I'm not far from home. I can see Jake and everyone", I say hanging up.

I walk down the hill to the park. I see everyone turn.

"Annika what the hell happened?", Julia says.

"I don't know", I lie, they can never tell when I do.

"We were worried", Jessie says.

"I know sorry", I say.

"At least she's safe", Jake says. 

I see everyone and that when Lauren, Isaac and her "squad" walks up.

"Annika read this", she says.

She hands me a magazine. I see Louis and Eleanor on the cover.

It says: Is Eleanor really in love with Louis? It's seems not we've seen her with other boys and Louis doesn't know. All the directioners loved Annika Styles more. But word is she's gone back to living her normal life. We have photos of her with a new boy. Who? We don't know. 

I look at Lauren.

"What is this shit?" I say.

She smirks.

"Apparently Louis' new girlfriend doesn't really love him. But since your famous", she pauses and looks at us.

 "You and Julia's brother can be seen with us."

Is she serious this isn't grade school. I look at Mason, he shakes his head.

"Sorry Lauren, but I'll stay with my friends", I say.

She scuffs and walks away. I don't want to be seen with someone like her. It hurts that Louis doesn't know about Eleanor. But how did they find out about me and Mason. 

I guess I still love Louis. 

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