Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


16. I hate you Louis Tomlinson

Annika's POV

regained conciseness. Only to find Harry and the boys there. I'm glade Louis wasn't there. He hates me and I hate him. I won't love him again.

"I'm awake", I say taking Harry's hand.

He looks up,

"Annika you can't leave the hospital", Harry says.

"Why?", I ask.

"You're anorexic, and Louis pushing you broke some bones. They won't let you", he says.

I shut my eyes was this really how it's going to end for me.

"Annika, Louis is outside he wants to talk to you", Niall says.

"Let him in."

I watch as he walks in with a sad face, but when he sees me he gets mad.

"Whore", he says.

That stings,

"You're right Lou. You always are", I say.

I watch as he walks up to me.  

"I hate you Louis Tomlinson", I say.

I look away and I feel him take my hand. I almost cry, because I love him deep down. But right now I hate him, he left every piece of me to break. Our last kiss full of hate. I hear the boys leave. I don't look at him even though he forces me to.

"Annika, I love you. But we've hurt each other. This is goodbye", he says.

He kisses my forehead and hands me a note.

"Bye Louis", I say.

Him and the boys leave never to come back. I see my bags. I sigh and open the note.

  Dear Annika, 
   I'm sorry we have caused each other so much pain. Your the love of my life but I can't bear it any longer. I know this will be the last you ever hear from me. Just know you will always be in my heart. I know you hate me, I've caused so much pain in your life. I can never forgive myself. If I go back in time, I'd make sure you were happy with one of the other boys. But I can't you'll be in our hearts forever but you'll be in the hospital for a few days. After that your returning home and living a normal life. At least as normal as you can. Just know Harry will be the only one ever to talk to you. I love you Annika Rose Styles. I always will, you'll forever be my true love.

I feel tears fall. I close the note tucking it away and the doctors come in making me eat. 

 Louis' POV

There's no turning back once we leave. I know she hates me. I look out the window of the car as we drive home. Once we reach the flat I go up to what used to be Annika's room. I find the camera in the drawer. I see the video on the plane. I play it.

"Lou I", she says but I cut her off with a kiss.

I look at the video of her singing like an angel. She was smiling at Niall. Then I look at the pictures we took her beautiful smile. She was perfect and I ruined her, I broke every piece of her and her heart. And now that she s gone and never seeing us again I know she'll be broken. I didn't give her that chance, like an idiot and that's where I made the mistake. I ruined us, our perfect life. Now I need to find a new love a new face to love but I can't I don't think I ever will. I go through and find the picture on her dresser of me and her on the first day we met. I sigh and slip the camera in my pocket and I walk downstairs. I sit next to Liam.

"I know Louis", he says patting my shoulder, "we'll all miss her."

"That's just it Liam, she's done with love I broke her completely." 

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