Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


9. I don't know

  I look at Louis confused.

"Louis, I can't handle this let me out", I say.

"You have Eleanor."

He looks at me shocked.

"Annika, I only love you. Not Eleanor", he says.

"No Louis, give me time. I'm with someone right now", I say.

"Yeah a sixteen year old your twenty years old Annika! twenty", he yells. 

"Fuck you Louis Tomlinson. I am never going to be your girl friend again!", I say opening the door.

"Just go Harry I don't want anything to do with you guys anymore", I say and go to walk to the skate park.

I see them drive to the house. Great. I walk to Mason and he takes me in his arms.

"Are you okay?", he says.

"Yeah, lets head back to my house", I say.

Julia, Jake, Jessie, Logan and Mitchell come with us. Once we reach the door Harry opens it.

"All of you leave", he says.

"No, they're staying!", I say.

But he grabs me and pushes me inside shutting and locking the door. He pushes me in the living room on the sofa. Right next to Louis.

"Annika what happened to you", he says, "You never once swore at Louis."

"I changed, okay I'm happy with my friends", I say.

I stand up to go call him but he pushes me back down. I roll my eyes. Harry looks at Louis and Louis pulls me on his lap.

"Let go Louis!", I yell.

He faces me to him and kisses me. I feel sparks that get 10 times bigger. I pull away.

"I don't cheat! So fuck off I said give me time!", I say.

I try getting up but Louis has a tight grip on me.

"Me and Eleanor aren't together", Louis says.

"Yeah but I have a boyfriend! Okay, I do not cheat!", I yell again.

He lets go.

"Louis I'm never getting back together with you! You've become a jerk and I don't want someone who forces themselves on me!", I say.

I go and open the door, I see Mason is the only one still there.

"Babe what's wrong?", he says.

"Louis Tomlinson", I say.

He takes my hand and we go to his and Julia's flat. Which is three houses down. I know everyone is at Jakes. Mason's and Julia's parents are never home. We go up to his room. He kisses me and lays me down. He closes his door and I wrap my legs around his torso. He licks my bottom lip wanting entrance. I let him in and he deepens the kiss. He pulls off my shirt, then his. Am I really going to do it with a sixteen year old? That's when we hear the knock on their front door. Mason groans and gets up to answer it.

"Move Mason", Harry says.

I quickly put my shirt on. He comes in and he looks pissed.

"Come on now", he says.

"Fine wait!", I say.

I walk downstairs.

"I gotta go Mase. I'll be back", I say he kisses me.

Harry pulls me away. We walk away.

"You were really going to have sex with Mason?!", Harry yells.

"Yes! Because you don't control me!", I say.

He pushes me in the house and I get caught by Louis.

"Where is the rest of the boys?", I ask.

"Gone, you and Louis have the house to yourselves", he says.

What?! I look at Louis grinning. He pulls me up to my room. He kisses me and I don't want to kiss him. But I end up straddling him. He pulls off my shirt and his. I start going for his button on his pants. He does the same to me for my jean shorts. He gets them off and pushes me down on my bed. I can't do this I stop him.

"No. I'm not cheating on Mason", I say but he starts kissing down my neck and I shutter.

"Louis I'm serious!", I say.

He sucks on the very tender spot on my neck making me moan. I push him off and put my clothes on.

"Go Louis!", I say.

"Annika I", but I cut him off.

"I'm no cheating! I don't cheat and you know this", I say.

"I love you Annika! Why can't you listen", he says.

"Because I'm not perfect, I'm a loser, and a emo skateboarding freak", I say.

Tears fall down my cheek. He sits next to me.

"You don't have to be perfect", he says.

But I do, I just can't see Louis and I together again. I love mason and he's kind to me, he is perfect for me.

"But I do Louis. I do", I say.

"Annika you are perfect. Perfect for me", he says.

I stand up.

"I can't do it. I'm sorry I want to be normal", I say.

He hugs me, he and I sit there. I want Louis back so bad but he needs to give me and Mason time.

"Lou, just give me and Mason time. Go be with Eleanor", I say.

"But I love you", he says.

"I love you too, but please Lou", I say.

He lets go.

"your coming on tour with us in two months", he says.


He puts his shirt on and leaves I go back to Masons' but when Julia opens the door and Mason and a girl are snogging.

"Annika", she says.

"Im an idiot!", I exclaim.

She walks out and she and I sit there talking. Mason sees us and I watch as he pushes her off.

"Annika", he says.

"Mason you know what happened to me. I can't believe you", I say.

He pulls me to his room, closing the door.

"It's not what you think. I didn't cheat", he says.

Before I can say a word that girl comes in. The girl is Lauren. She smirks.

"It's going to get worse", she says leaving. 


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