Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


15. Cody likes me?

We head home and someone calls me from an unknown number.

"Hello?", I say.

I'm sitting up in my room. "

Is Annika Styles there?", says someone with a Australian accent.

"This is her", I say.

"This is Cody Simpson", he says.

"How'd you get my number?", I ask.

I try not to overreact.

"I have my ways, but I want to know if you'd meet me at the park nearby", he says.

"Sure", I say and hang up.

I walk downstairs,

"I'll be back meeting a friend!" I say and run out of the house.

I walk to the park and see him sitting on a bench. I walk over, and he looks up.

"Hi Cody", I say. He smiles standing up.

"Hello Annika", he says.

I was confused why he wanted to meet me. He stands up and pulls me into a hug. I pull away.

"Cody what do you want?", I ask.

But he kisses me instead. I see the lights flash between my closed eyes. He planned this. I pull away,

"I'm dating Louis!"

No one knew yet. And now he knows.

"I didn't know", he says.

"Stay away from me", I say walking away.

I find my way back to the flat and once I walk in their eyes turn on me.

"Annika", is all Louis says.

I run upstairs and slam my door. They knock on my door.

"Annika open the door!", Louis says.

I do and he looks at me with hurt in his eyes.

"You kissed him!", he says.

"Louis, don't yell please", I say.

"I'm done! Just leave and this time don't come back!", he says.

"Louis let me explain this time!", I beg.

"I know what your gonna say that he kissed you and you tried to get away! That's bullshit!", he says.

"I I'm sorry I can't do anything right", I say.

I walk past him and look at the boys.

"Go Annika!", Louis yells.

"Why is she leaving?", Niall asks.

Louis comes down glaring at me then looks to the boys.

"Because she cheated!", he says.

That's when someone knocked on the door. I open it and see Cody.

"Annika, I'm sorry", he says.

"Whatever he hates me anyway", I say.

I walk past them, but Cody grabs my hand.

"Louis I kissed her, don't make her leave", he says.

"You never let me explain", I say.

Louis takes my hand pulling me inside and shuts the door, the boys can't see us.

"I'm tired of this crap Annika so we're over forever", he says.

I see his hands against the side of my head. I wince at his voice, he kisses me one last night before pushing me down making me lose breath. I couldn't breath at all it hurt so bad, Harry rushed to my side.

"Annika are you okay?", he says.

I shake my head, I couldn't speak. I feel the tears sting my eyes.

"Louis what did you do?!", he says.

"I pushed her down", He says.

"She can't breathe", he says.

I feel myself blackout I hope Louis is happy with this. 

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