Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


18. Can we fall one more time?

I didn't exactly want a relationship with Louis. Yet, I did. I couldn't decide, he's hurt me and if we dated and he cheated I wouldn't hurt as bad. But I wanted to be with him. I just can't make up my mind.

"Annika, why won't you date me?", Louis asks.

"I don't want to be hurt", I say not looking at him.

He takes me in his arms and I still don't look at him.

"Can we fall one more time? Stop the tape and rewind, oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade, cause there is nobody else", Louis sings I laugh.

"Shut up", I say.


I think and I want to say yes, and no.

"Okay", I say.

He hugs me I feel like I can't breath. I pull away and stand up I run downstairs and go to hide from Louis. Of course I go to hide behind Harry.

"A-Annika why are you hiding?"

"Because Louis trying to chase me", I say.

He laughs and I punch his arm.


I turn to face the kitchen and I feel someone snake their arms around my waist. I see a Louis. I roll my eyes and go to pull away. He kisses me. I kiss back and I feel sparks.

"Get a room!", Niall yells.

I giggle and I pull away. I leave Louis there dazed. I run up to Niall.

"I'm going to eat your food!" I run past him, he grabs my hand and he glares at me.

"Joking! Just hide me", I say.

"From Louis?", he asks.

"Yes! I told him I'd give him one more chance. But I ran", I say.


That's when I hear Louis.

"Where is she Nialler?", he asks.

I duck so he won't see me. I love doing this.

"I don't know I think she ran out of the house", he says nonchalantly.


He walks out. When I hear the front door open and close I get up.

"I love you Niall!", I say and hug him.

"Yeah, yeah", he says.

I go and sit in the couch. I feel someone cover my eyes.

"Hi Louis."

"How'd you know?"

I laugh and move his hands.

"I know you", I say.

He blushes and moves next to me. I lay my head on him and we watch tv. I'm actually happy for once and I think this is what I was waiting for, for a long time. 

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