Trying to Remember (Sequel to Don't Fall For Me)

Annika has been in a coma for 2 years, and Louis has been with her through every step. But she doesn't even remember being with Louis. He tries desperately to get her to remember their relationship. Will she remember? Or will she only remember the hard times?


13. Back Together? Again?

I woke up to Louis shaking me. I open my eyes and get up. I see Niall has my bag, isn't this great? I walk off with them an once we walk out tons of fans surrounded the place. I get claustrophobic really fast. Louis takes my hand and squeezes it. I squeeze back and we get into their van. I exhale once we get in. I literally have to sit on Louis because there wasn't enough room. It makes me uncomfortable.

"Annika", Lou says.

"Yeah?", I say looking at him.

"Why were you crying in your sleep", he asks.

"Nightmare, about what I don't remember", I say.

Honestly I did know but I didn't want to tell him.

"You can tell me anything", he says.

"I know."

I lean against him, I miss talking to him about everything. When we reach the flat I'm the first one to get out. I grab my bag and Liam opens the door. I walk inside remembering this place so well. I walk up the stairs to my room. I look on the bed and see the locket, ring and bracelets, scarf Liam got me. The boots Harry got me and the blue converses Zayn got me. I left them here because I didn't want to remember them. I look at the pictures of us. Mostly Lou and I. Like a picture of me and Louis when we first met. I smile. I unpack my clothes and makeup and everything. I sit on the bed and play with the ring. Just then the boys walk in.

"You left those", Zayn says.

"I know that", I say.

They know why and I didn't want them to worry about my reasons. 

•Niall's POV•

   Annika was just sitting there looking at the things we got her. She looked sad like she knew the reasons for doing it. We didn't. She just left him,

"I need to be alone", she says,"Well I need to talk to Louis. Alone." 


•Annika's POV•

   The boys needed to get payback for recording Louis and I kissing.

"What?", Louis says.

"Payback", I say.

He smirks.

"Before we do I want to know Annika. Do you still love me", he asks.

"No", I joke, "I'm joking I love you with everything I have."

He smiles and takes the ring from my hand.

"This. It's my promise ring. Will you still keep it", he says.

I hesitate, does that mean we're dating?

"Does that mean we're dating?", I ask.

He nods.

"Okay", I say to him.

He slips it back on.

"Payback?", I ask.

"Yep", he says.

 "What to do?", I ask.

We sit there I had no clue at all. "I can tickle the crap out of Harry. I know his weak places", I say. But what else I know Zayn has a crush on me. But I wouldn't do that.

"Want to wait?", Louis says.

"Yeah", I say.

He opens the door and Zayn and Niall fall to the ground.

"Eves dropping?", I say.

"No food for you Niall", I joke, "And no using mirrors Zayn."

Payback for those two done.

"What!", they say.

I walk past them, that was so easy now what about Harry and Liam?

"Is that our payback?", Zayn says.

"You bet."

I walk downstairs and sit next to Harry.

"What?", he says.

I look at him and he looks back at me.

"I'll straighten your hair if you don't give me that camera", I say.

His eyes get big.

"You wouldn't!", he says.

"I would, I've done it before", I say.

He hands me the camera.

"Louis was part of it", he says.

Not very surprising, I have payback for him. He won't know about it. I see Liam on his phone on twitter. Always on twitter, I walk past him and take his phone.

 "Hey!", he says.

I smirk at him.

"Just wait", I say.

I go on his twitter and put:   

Annika Styles is back, and I'm punishing the boys for tricking me. :) 

I give back his phone.

"It's not over for you yet Liam", he says.

I go up to Louis' room.

"You were part of it?", I say.

He looks up and I see the fear in his face

. "Yeah", he whispers.

I smirk,

"I have revenge for you too. Just wait", I say and walk to my room.

I get on my twitter on my iPhone. I have at least 20 tweets.

One says: Yey! We missed you make sure you get them good! 

  Another says: we never liked you, even plastic Bieber is better! Go die!

Ouch, okay. 

   Louis walks in and looks at me, I walk up to him. I kiss him and pull away. This is how I'll tease him. He  grabs my hips and kisses me again. He licks my bottom lip wanting entrance, I deny. He keeps wanting to but I don't let him. He pushes me on my bed. I giggle. I pull away,

"No Louis", I smirk.

"Why?!", he says.

"You tricked me", I say.

He frowns,

"Please?", he gives me puppy eyes. He knows I'll say yes. I try so hard to say no.





"No Louis", I say. 

He starts to tickle me, I laugh so hard.

"Stop Louis", I say in between breaths.

"Say yes."


"Then I won't stop", he says.

"Fine Louis! Just stop!", I yell.

He stops, I manage to get away.

"Tricked you!", I say.

I run downstairs.

"Harry hide me!", I say going behind him.

"W-why?", he says. Louis comes down.

"Annika you're gonna get it", he jokes.

I run outside and he catches me. He kisses me, and I kiss back. He wants entrance so I let him. We stand there like that. I realize I left the camera on the couch crap.

"Haha perfect!", I hear Niall say.

I pull away he's holding the camera.

"Niall were you recording again?", I ask.

"Yeah", he says.

I look at Louis who's laughing. I slap him lightly on the cheek.

"Your all jerks", I say,

"Niall give me the camera!"

He throws it to Liam who throws it to Zayn, who throughout it to Louis who throws it to Harry.

"I'll straighten your hair!", I say.

"Go ahead."

He puts it in his pocket. 


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