Meet Me At Nando's

Ashley and Shania are two ordinary teenagers but when they go to the mall, their lives change completely. Will it be a fairytale or will there be twists in the tale? Find out by reading!!!!!!


20. You guys are so strange

Ashley's P.O.V

I fell asleep in Niall's arms during the movie, hoping I would stay like that forever. I woke up an hour later and the movie hadn't finished yet. Boy, that is long movie. I opened my eyes and everyone was staring at me trying to freak me out, but it didn't work. ''You guys are so strange sometimes.'' I said laughing. ''WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??'' Shania said pretending she was a zombie. She can be very strange when she wants to be but its funny. 

''What do you want to do today?'' Niall asked. ''Uh, you choose today.'' I replied. ''Hm, how about we go to Australia?'' He said. I was immediately confused. ''What?'' I asked very confused at this point. ''''We gotta go to Australia for a few weeks and we leave tomorrow.'' He said. ''Oh my gosh, that's so cool, I'll go and pack now.'' I said excited. ''I'm just kidding, we aren't going to Australia.'' He said laughing so hard. ''Ugh, I hate you.'' I said playfully hitting his arm. ''You do?''Niall asked with a frown on his face. ''No, I love you, and I always will, but trust me I will get you back, somehow!'' I said.

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