Meet Me At Nando's

Ashley and Shania are two ordinary teenagers but when they go to the mall, their lives change completely. Will it be a fairytale or will there be twists in the tale? Find out by reading!!!!!!


27. Why?

Zayn's P.O.V

Shania and I are very happy now that we are getting married. I can't wait. I woke up and saw Shania sleeping peacefully. I didn't want to wake her up so I gently got out of bed, trying not to wake her up and went to have a quick shower.

Shania's P.O.V

I woke up and Zayn wasn't in bed. He probably went to have a shower. His phone rang so I answered it.

Me: ''Hello?''

Girl: ''Who are you? Where is Zayn?''

Me: ''I'm Zayn's fiancé and he is having a shower. Who are you?''

Girl: ''Does it matter?''

Me: ''Yes, it does matter."'

Girl: ''I'm the girl that Zayn slept with a few days ago.''

What? Is she telling the truth? Did Zayn sleep with another girl? Zayn walked in when I hung up. ''Who was that?'' He asked. ''Oh, nobody, just some girl saying that you slept with her.'' I replied. ''I can explain...'' He said walking towards me. ''No need.'' I said getting my suitcase and filling it quickly. ''You can't leave.'' He said. ''Yes I can, watch me.'' I said angrily. ''Where are you going to stay?'' He asked worriedly. ''Why would you care?'' I walked out of the door and called a taxi. When the taxi came I got in. ''Airport, please.'' I arrived at the airport a few minutes later. I called my aunt, who lives in Germany and told her that I was coming to visit. ''One ticket to Germany, please.'' I said. She handed me a ticket and I quickly got on the plane. 

I arrived in Germany a few hours later and I called my aunt and asked her if she could pick me up at the airport. Half an hour later, my aunt arrived. She drove me to her house. It was quite big and nicely decorated. And nice furniture that must have cost a fortune. ''Nice place.'' I said across the room. ''Thank you, you can stay in the guest room, upstairs, first door on the right.'' She said. ''Thank you so much.'' I said giving her a hug. ''Want some tea?'' She asked. ''That would be lovely.'' I said. I went upstairs to unpack a few things. The room was huge. 

I went downstairs and the tea was ready. ''Thank you.'' I said. ''It's no problem, Shania. Stay as long as you want.'' ''Thank you.'' ''So, tell me everything.'' I told her the whole story. ''.......And then I left, I couldn't stay there.'' A tear was starting to fall down my face. I just remembered that it is Zayn's birthday in a few weeks. Maybe I will forgive him. 

*Zayn's birthday*

Zayn's P.O.V

Today should be fun but I know it won't be without Shania. The boys came over to celebrate. I wasn't expecting anyone else to come over but the doorbell rang. I got up with no energy and answered it. When I opened the door, I saw Shania holding a birthday present and she had the biggest smile on her face. ''How could I forget my fiancé's birthday?'' She said still smiling. I gave her hug and a kiss. ''I'm so sorry.'' I said. ''I suppose I can forgive you this time.'' She said. ''Thank you so much, I've really missed you.'' I said giving her another hug. ''I've missed you too.'' The boys came to see if everything was alright. ''SHANIA!!!!!'' They all shouted running towards her to give her a hug. ''We missed you.'' They said. ''I missed you all so much.''


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