Meet Me At Nando's

Ashley and Shania are two ordinary teenagers but when they go to the mall, their lives change completely. Will it be a fairytale or will there be twists in the tale? Find out by reading!!!!!!


29. I hate you

Shania's P.O.V

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and saw Zayn lying on the ground, groaning in pain. I ran towards Zayn to comfort him. ''Why?'' I asked. ''Why would you do something like this? And you think I was gonna go out with YOU? Ha, in your dreams. I hate you. I hate what you did, how you think I would take you back after this! Pathetic, that is what you are.'' I said. He kicked me in the stomach and I fell right next to Zayn. ''Shania,'' I heard Zayn mumble. ''Are you OK?'' He asked still in pain. ''I think so.'' I tried my best to say.

I heard sirens getting closer and closer. It was an ambulance. Who called them? I opened my eyes and saw Niall coming behind Jack holding a frying pan. He hit Jack's head and he collapsed. ''Are you guys OK? I called the ambulance. You will be OK.'' He said sitting by our side. ''Thanks.'' I tried to say. The paramedics rushed in and brought us to the hospital. 


Sorry, short chapter, again. :-) 

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