Meet Me At Nando's

Ashley and Shania are two ordinary teenagers but when they go to the mall, their lives change completely. Will it be a fairytale or will there be twists in the tale? Find out by reading!!!!!!


7. Chapter 7

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up to my phone ringing it was 7am when I looked at the clock. I answered the phone and Simon was calling.

Me: ''Hello?''

Simon: ''Zayn, you and the boys are doing an interview tomorrow.... In Italy''

Me: ''Really?''

Simon: ''Yes, tell the boys and start packing now!''

Me: ''OK, bye Simon.

Simon: ''Goodbye, Zayn.''

I hung up and Shania was looking at me. I saw the sadness in her eyes and gave her a hug. ''So, you are going to Italy?'' She said sadly. ''Come with me!'' I said hoping she would say yes. ''Yes! I'll go with you'' she said giving me a big hug.

Niall's P.O.V

Zayn told me that we were going to Italy tomorrow and the first thing I thought about was talking Ashley. I asked her. She gave me a big hug and said yes. ''Shania is coming too!'' ''Really? Oh my gosh!'' She ran out the door and went to Shania and I heard screaming and laughing. I laughed quietly to myself.

Shania's P.O.V

''We are going to Italy, let's get packing. Isn't it amazing, we are going to Italy and the best thing is that we are going together.'' I said giving her a hug. We started packing and then we went out for some food.

Our bags were packed and we were ready to go to the airport. We were mobbed by fans ( not surprising ). Eventually, we got on the plane. I sat beside Zayn, Ashley sat beside Niall, Harry sat beside Louis, and Liam sat on his own behind Harry and Louis. 

8 hours later

We arrived in Italy and we were so excited. We went to the studio and Ashley and I waited behind the cameras watching the boys during their interview. The host introduced the boys to the audience. Everyone in the audience were screaming so loud. When the interview was over we went to get some food. We were starving. We went into a posh restaurant and ordered some food. When the food arrived, everyone started eating as quick as they could. Liam finished his food first and offered to pay for it. I gave him some money because I felt bad that he was paying for the food. He took the money. ''Thank you, but you didn't have to.'' He said nicely handing it back. ''No, take it I'm serious take it.'' Trying to get him to take it. He took it and played for the food. 'That was nice of you!'' Zayn whispered in my ear. ''It was nothing, I just felt bad.'' 

We booked a hotel to stay the night. We walked through the door and I only saw five beds, a bathroom, and a television. ''There is only five beds'' ''You'll have to sleep in my bed and Ashley in Niall's bed.'' Zayn said in my ear. Luckliy there was two double beds so we had enough room.

Zayn's P.O.V

Shania woke up ten minutes after I woke up. I didn't move because I didn't want to wake her up. She was sleeping so peacefully. She was so beautiful. When she did wake up in my arms, she stayed there for a few minutes while I enjoyed hugging her. We ordered breakfast and a few minutes later we heard a knock on the door. ''Room service.'' I heard a lady say outside the door. I got up and opened it. I was glad that she didn't scream in my face because I was Zayn from One Direction. I took the breakfast and set it on the desk. We all started to eat. 


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