Meet Me At Nando's

Ashley and Shania are two ordinary teenagers but when they go to the mall, their lives change completely. Will it be a fairytale or will there be twists in the tale? Find out by reading!!!!!!


18. Accident

Shania's P.O.V

Zayn and I decided to shopping together. As soon as Zayn shut the door, we were not surprised to see a mahoosive crowd right in front of us, screaming in our faces. Half an hour later, the crowd went home. Thank goodness for that. We went shopping and when we crossed the street I seen a car zooming towards me. Zayn pushed me out of the way. I was on the ground, looking for Zayn. I couldn't see him anywhere, until I seen a figure lying on the ground. ''ZAYN!!!!!'' I screamed in horror as I ran towards him, and he was groaning in pain. He couldn't speak. I called an ambulance and then I called Niall. Niall came in around five minutes. The ambulance came a minute after Niall. Why did he do this? We got to the hospital a few minutes later. The nurse told us to wait in the waiting room. I sat down on one of the seats and started to cry. A lot. Niall pulled me into a tight hug. ''Shhh, it's OK. Don't cry.'' He said trying to comfort me. ''It's all my fault.'' I said in between sobs. ''Don't say that, please. It wasn't your fault. It was the drivers fault.'' He said still hugging me. Ashley came within a few minutes. She saw me and ran over to me to give me a hug. ''Don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, Is going to be alright.'' She sang the song by Bob Marley. It was a song that we would sing to ourselves if we were ever upset. 

The nurse came in a few hours later. ''I'm sorry, ...... He is no longer with us.'' ''No, Zayn has to be OK, right Niall?'' ''Zayn? Oh I'm sorry I have made a mistake. Zayn Malik is alive and well, you can see him now.'' ''Oh, thank goodness for that.'' I said relieved and very sorry for the people that will hear about their loss. 

I walked in to Zayn smiling when he saw me. I ran over to him and gave him a hug. He had a few bruises and a few cuts. ''Why did you do that?'' I asked. ''Because you are my girlfriend and it is my job to protect you.'' He said. ''And you are protecting me by scaring me to death!'' I said sarcastically. ''I'm sorry, I just didn't want to see you get hurt.'' He said. ''Awww.'' Was all I could say. Niall and Ashley walked in. ''Hey bro.'' Zayn said giving Niall a hug. ''Hey, man. How you feeling?'' ''Just a few cuts and bruises but it was worth it. If Shania is alive and well, I am the happiest man on earth.'' I said looking at her and she was blushing.

A nurse walked in and said ''You can leave in few hours.'' ''That is great, thank you!''

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