A Sea of Dew

Just something I composed. It's poetic, a bit nerdy and hopefully unique.
For the National Poetry contest. Please Like/Fave/Comment. I will really appreciate it


2. A Sea of Dew


Flames of pure water engulf my heart,

Pacify my frozen soul!

Let me drown in her purity,

Let her vigorous flow cleanse my polluted mind

Just like how she absolves the earth!

Let her stream flow through my veins,

Let her gentle course jet over my skin

And a mellifluous tune escapes from my mind.

Let her flickering drops bring joy to the soul!

She silently purges the filth out of everything-deliquescing all

Thus aptly called ‘the Universal Solvent’!

She sprinkles her moist goodness

And her soaking atmosphere enlivens the Spring of the Woods.

Her sparkling drizzle fills the void of my heart,

Compelling my soul to prance.


As she cascades from the heavens,

Tiny droplets from her tulle-the torn clouds dance and glisten,

Before plunging into the Gulf of Ground.

Flowing, Gushing, Bubbling,

Twirling, Swirling, Whirling,

Rumbling, Roaring, Running, Rushing into the ravine,

Rippling, Spinning, Consuming each pebble that comes in her path

Seeping and Trickling through the crevices,

Heaving, Meandering and Spouting towards the sea

Emerging as the Tranquil Queen of Life-

A Clear, Turquoise- a zealous gem of the earth.

Bringing tears of happiness to every farmer’s longing eyes

Helping the green fields to flourish,

Quenching every child’s thirst

Nurturing the tender beasts underneath the ocean-

The liquid empire of life…


Water- the Elixir of Life,

Is ever – showering mankind,

With her dew-covered gifts.

She sustains the existence of life,

Nourishing the orb of sentience,

Enthusiastically tending to the needs of mankind,

Sanctifying everything she touches.

Filtering, distilling, crystallizing, decanting,

My sublime thoughts, I pen this verse-

Hoping that this floats in your mind too.

Thus I conclude:

O! The Queen, the Elixir of Life,

Let me condense your being,

Into this poem, a mere

Memorabilia for ages to come…



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