The boy on the laundry basket

Dette er en af mine engelskstile fra 9. klasse, som jeg fik 12 for.
Den handler om en dreng, som drikker sig fuld for første gang.


1. The boy on the laundry basket

First I had no idea how I ended up sitting on the laundry basket. Then I remembered.
The last four days had been absolutely horrible. Last weekend, my dog died. It came like a shock for me. It was completely unexpected. That dog was my very best friend. Its name was Matty. A three-year old Golden Retriever. I still can’t believe that he’s gone forever.

It all started on Sunday morning. My brother and I were sitting around the breakfast table. My Mum was vacuum cleaning the house and my Dad was at work. Matty was sitting beside my chair and he kept begging me for sausages. He couldn’t leave me alone, so I sent him outside to bring me the newspaper.
I shouldn’t have done that. I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT!
Matty ran outside, his tale wagging and his tongue sticking out of his mouth. I lowered my head to take another bite of my toast and then I heard a loud BANG!
Everything went quiet. Mum turned off the vacuum cleaner, I stopped chewing and even the birds stopped singing.
“What was that?” yelled my Mum from the next room.
I had a terrible feeling. I stood up, walked out of the house very slowly as if in a trance. When I reached the sidewalk, my heart almost stopped beating.
There, in the middle of the street, lay Matty. Beside him was a car. In the car was a man. The man had a terrified look on his face. He looked from me to the dead dog, then to his own hands that were still on the wheel.
I looked at the man in the car.
“I’m sorry”, he said.
I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think.

That night I got drunk for the first time of my life. My Mum and brother were asleep but I stayed up. I went down to the basement and found a bottle of vodka. I didn’t hesitate. My life was over anyway. I drank the substance in just five gulps. I nearly wet my pants but I reached the toilet in time. Well, I thought I did.

My Mum woke me up the next morning.
She sounded very worried.
I looked around. I was still in the bathroom but I wasn’t sitting on the toilet. I was sitting on the laundry basket. I felt a bit dizzy and I had a bad headache.
Mum and I had a very serious talk in the kitchen. I promised her never to get drunk at home again. Even though it felt good not knowing where you are or what happens around you, I regretted what I had done to myself. It hadn’t helped me anyway. Matty was still gone and I still missed him. I always will.

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