Acrylic Simulations of water


1. Next reflections other than glass

The pond does not ripple, and the artificial grass, belonging to the Scepter of Courtship

believes that Ladies should never pull hemlines to drink from the tips of the ornate tethered


flowers, and float face-down in the acrylic pond. 

these are the rivers thats semi-flow, more like a viscous meandering through the syrup towns accumulating in the false ponds that

Often but never fully compete with real ponds, they are cleaner quieter  lest drown inducing, although they harden suspending the victims who like Narcissus or your Cousin Fudlo Saw himself reflected and thought that perhaps he was drowning. You don't so much  as get wet, as you become a chrysalis  you wont emerge, you wont be a butterfly and dependent on conditions you may not be preserved as an Auto-Icon That A man who had himself taxidermied by a slip shod, half wit . You'll reflect the clouds, you'll be dry and you may not age. but will you dream as you seem to beam freely across, the uprooted lighthouses that move toward you as your reflection runs the ships into the rocks? Perhaps this is merely and academic debate, the ducks seem artificially fine and crackle like cellophane as they try to not plummet into the depths.

A Microscopic empire in a drop of water need not furnish homes with long unused fish that lazily build never kindly floating geometric, parasitic, heartfelt  simpatico.

At the Canvas leap year hidden

On the dripping mossy foreheads of the petrified philosophical immobile 

we create new wings an super fins to amphibiously evolve as a species toward our Manifold exploitations of hidden brooms that need to have a new pinch of 

here the whistle is not steaming, it's sick today and sort of coughs the ends of the factory shift called EBONY handsome fluid mixed 


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