Don't Fall For Me (Louis Tomlinson)

What happens when seventeen year old Annika Styles is forced to live with her brother? She learns living by his rules are hard, especially since she's a badgirl. But she falls for Louis, and she falls hard.


2. Chapter Two: I don't care

I watch as the boys get ready to leave for their interview. 

"Bye boys", I say. 

"Don't burn the house down", Harry says.

"I'll try."

I love Harry but at timesI absolutely hate that he doesn't trust me. Once they leave, I pop a bag of popcorn and I go change into clothes for the day. I chose a tight shirt and shorts. I do my makeup and walk back downstairs, grabbing the popcorn and a water. I turn on a movie. Well, Hunger Games to be exact. I love the movie and the books. I cry when  Rue dies. It's sad he would kill a little girl. By the time the movies done, I decide to watch my brothers stupid interview. 

"So news is, your sister is living with you guys. Is that true Harry?", the woman says.

"Yeah, it's true, my mum thinks we need to spend time together and that she needs to change her behavior", he says. 

Harry needs to shut the hell up. 

"Does any one of you boys fancy her?", she asks. I see Louis face and all the boys face go red. Oh this has to be good. 

"Honestly, I do", Zayn and Louis say. 

Oh boy.

"Two of you", she smirks, "What do you think Harry?" 

I know I kissed Zayn, but jeez. I did almost kiss Louis. But Harry will be pissed.

"I don't like the idea but I don't think my sister would fall for them, not being mean. But she likes the skater boys and such", he says.

He actually remembers now, I'm surprised. 

"I'm guessing she has a boyfriend too", she says. 


"She does", he says. 

How would he know? 

Mum, she thinks Jacob and I are dating, with how much time I spent with him, and he is a skater boy. I was pissed he would say that. I haven't been in love since I was fourteen. That turned out to be a mess. 

"that's the rest of the time, next we have Taylor swift."

I turn off the tv and call Harry. 

"I do not have a boyfriend Harry!", I say. 

"that's not what I was told", he says. I want to punch him in the face, 

"Who would be my boyfriend? Huh, you know what happened last time I had a boyfriend!", I yell at him. 

"Calm down okay, mum told me it was Jacob. Apparently she was wrong, don't yell", he says. 

I hang up and run, to my room slamming the door. I never should've agreed to this. I hated myself. I get a call from Jacob. 

"Hi Jake", I say. 

"Hey beautiful, I saw your brothers interview. I know you don't have a boyfriend, but its good if his fans think that for now", he says. 

Oh how I love Jake. 

"your right and my mum told him you were my boyfriend", I say. 

He chuckles a bit,

"We're best friends there is a difference." 

"I know." 

"Annika I promise it'll be okay", he says.

"My mum sent me here because she doesn't like that I'm a bad girl", I say. 

He sighs, like he understands. He's the only person on this planet that understands me. We were some-what popular in school.

"It'll be better they can't change you", he says. 

Then I hear the boys come in and Harry walks in my room. 

"Off the phone", he says. 

"bye Jake", I say.

"Bye Annika", he says. 

I hang up and look at him. I hate my brother right now.  

"What Haz", I ask.

He just looks at me,

"You need to leave the boys alone. You cannot date them", he says. 

"I don't care", I say.

"You can't be a bad girl forever", he says. 

"oh but I can. You cannot change me", I say. 

I push past him, and I walk downstairs. I don't know why he thinks he can change me. I sit next to Louis. He looks at me.

"Do you really have a boyfriend?", he asks. 

"No, why do you care?", I ask. 

"No reason", he says. I'm not stupid I know he likes me but I won't fal for him, I won't fall in love again. I've been hurt too may times.

"Whatever you do Tomlinson. Don't fall for me", I say and walk out the back door to be by myself.

I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I don't want to seem weak. I may seem strong, but that's just so I don't get hurt again. The last boy I loved cheated on me, for my best friend. I knew he was a player but still. I thought he loved me. I hate him, I haven't heard from him since then. Liam comes out.

"What do you want?", I ask.

"Your hurt. What's wrong", he ask.

"Nothing." I honestly wanted to tell him, but at the same time I didn't.

"You can tell me I won't tell your brother", he says.

I don't trust him, I don't trust anyone. Why should I? I've been hurt too many times to trust, that's why I am who I am now. I wanted someone who actually cared about me. Who wouldn't just use me. But I know to many people would use me, that's why I say Jake is the only person who understands what I'm going through.

"I really can't."

I feel a tear fall and I wipe it away right away. I haven't cried since I was fourteen. Because I don't want to be called a baby, or weak.

"Annika I promise you I won't hurt you", he says.

"I can't trust you, sorry", I say and he leaves me to my thoughts.  

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