Don't Fall For Me (Louis Tomlinson)

What happens when seventeen year old Annika Styles is forced to live with her brother? She learns living by his rules are hard, especially since she's a badgirl. But she falls for Louis, and she falls hard.


3. Chapter Three: you love me?

I go upstairs and put in my pajamas. I put in my earphones and turn on Wish you were here by Cody Simpson. 


I woke up with the sunlight beaming my face. I groan and get up, I head to the bathroom and turn on the water in the shower and let it warm up. I get in when its warm and wash my hair and do what I need to. I get out and wrap a towel around myself. I go to my closet and take out a neon green tank top and jeans. I put on my underwear and bra. Then putting on my shirt and jeans. I go to the bathroom and brush my hair, letting my hair stay curly. I put on mascara and eyeliner. I brush my teeth and then put on a green beanie. I walk downstairs, grabbing my phone. I see Louis on the sofa and plop down on him.

"Good morning Annika", he smiles.

"Good morning", I say.

"About last night", he says,

"Harry was pretty pissed."

I sigh, I knew he would be, I shouldn't care. I mean I'm only hitting on Louis to annoy him. I didn't really have feelings for Louis, did I? I mean sure, I'm Harry's younger sister and he want what's best for me but still. I shook of the worry.

"Annika get off of Louis", Harry says.

"Why? I'm pretty comfortable", I say smirking at him.

"I'm tired of you fucking behavior Annika! Your not perfect! Why do you even bother being here! I shouldn't of saved you from your ex boyfriend!", he yells.

I feel it finally burst the things I've held in my whole life. I run out of the house crying, I ran straight into the surrounding woods. He had to say that, bring up the memory of my boyfriend I had at age fifteen the one who almost killed me. I guess Harry's right he should've let him kill me. I wouldn't have to deal with this now and Harry wouldn't have me. I trip and fall into a ditch. It was too step to climb out of. My makeup was smearing. I know no one would try to find me. No one loves me, everyone loves Harry. I'm the screw up, the only person who loves me is Jake and I haven't seen him since I left Holmes Chapel. I sink myself down so no one could see me, so no one could find me. 
•Louis's POV•

I watches as Annika's face teared up. She ran out of the house. I see Harry's face lighten when he realized what he just said.

"I'm finding your sister Harry, you had no right yelling at her", I say.

"What was all the yelling?", Liam and Niall ask.

"Harry just go pissed at Annika and she ran out crying. I'm looking for her I need help", I say.

"I'm coming", Liam says.

Even though she supposedly a bad girl I think she put on the act to say strong. She must've been been hurt bad by her ex that made her feel that way. Liam and I left and walked into the woods. It's the closet place she could be. I wanted her to me alright.

"Annika!", I call.

 No response, I am honestly worried. Liam and I walk in deeper.

"Annika!", Liam and I yell in unison. I look at him. Where the hell could she be? I was almost ready to give up, when I hear someone crying softly. I see a ditch and see Annika huddled up in the ditch.

"Annika", I say softly.

She looks up her makeup smeared.

"I've been hiding my emotions okay? I'm not really a bad girl. I say I am so people don't think I'm weak. But I am okay, the only person who knows is my best friend", she says.

I reach my hand and pull her out. She hugs me, tears still coming down. She's covering her face.

"Don't cry love", I say.

She keeps crying.

"Come on, lets go get you cleaned up", I say.

"Okay", she says quietly.

I wrap my arm around her waist as we walk. She has her head on my shoulder. When we walk in Harry turns her back to her. Obviously pissed off. I bring her to the bathroom and wipe her smeared makeup off. She smiles, trying to feel better.

"Tell me what he did", I say.

She brings me into her room and we sit on her bed.

"I was fifteen, and I was dating this guy Cole. We dated for about four months I told him I was tired of his bullshit and that I was breaking up. But he didn't take me seriously, so when I started ignoring him he got pissed. So he tried killing me, that's it. So I decided to change my personality and I became a bad girl and made friends with this Skater dude Jacob. Sorta we had been befriends since we were babies and he's always been there for me", she says.

I can't believe someone would do that to her, she must've been scared for ages.

"And Harry saved you?", I ask.


I hug her and she hugs me back.

"I love you Annika Styles", I say.

"You", was all she said. 

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