Don't Fall For Me (Louis Tomlinson)

What happens when seventeen year old Annika Styles is forced to live with her brother? She learns living by his rules are hard, especially since she's a badgirl. But she falls for Louis, and she falls hard.


13. Chapter Thirteen: Your Amazing!

They had their mouths open. I drop my head. It was embarrassing. No one said a word. I haven't sang in years. Because I was in choir at the time, but after Sean hurt me, I couldn't sing. I couldn't do anything. I feel Jakes hands on my shoulders.

"How do you do it?", Louis asks.

I shrug,

"I was in choir till something happened", I say.

Harry frowns and Jake's hands drop. They know.

"I haven't hears you sing for four years", Harry says.

"I know."

I mean becoming a bad girl, changed me a bit. I get up and go outside. I wrote that because Sean. I guess I never shared except with Jake. I lean against he railing. I'll never be famous like my brother. I'm not as great as Harry. I'll never be.

"Annika", someone whispers in my ear.

I turn and see no one. Not again, I'm going crazy. I walk inside again. I look at the boys who are surrounded around the laptop.

"Look", Louis says.

I walk over to him and he pulls me on his lap. I look at the video of me singing. I look at Niall who has a camera. He smiles.

"Louis recorded", he says putting his hands up.

"look how many views love", Louis says.

I smile, am I really that good? I had no idea. I get up and walk upstairs.

"I'm going to bed its already 9:00", I say.

Louis runs up to me.

"I shall join you", he says. I laugh and nod. He pulls me to sleep in his room. 

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