Don't Fall For Me (Louis Tomlinson)

What happens when seventeen year old Annika Styles is forced to live with her brother? She learns living by his rules are hard, especially since she's a badgirl. But she falls for Louis, and she falls hard.


6. Chapter Six: what did I do?

I looked at Louis.

"Who was that?", he asks.

"Cole and he called me a whore", I say.

"Your not one love", he says hugging me.

I hug him back. When the door open we get out and go walk to his car. I get in and buckle myself in. We head home, I was tired. Louis pulls in the drive way. I get out and he stops me.

"Annika are you alright?", he asks.

"yeah, just Erm tired", I say.

"I understand its been a long day", Louis says taking my hand and walking inside.

I go upstairs and change into sweats and a black t shirt. I climb into my bed falling asleep. 



 I woke up and it was freezing inside the house. I get up to see what the problem is. It was probably Harry. I change the temperature on the thermostat. I look at the time ugh, it's 7:00. I walk back upstairs and climb back into the bed. 

I got back up around 12:30 and change into jeans and a red stripped shirt. I go brush my hair leaving it down and I brush my teeth. I put on my usual makeup. I walk to my closet and put on black converses. I walk to Louis' room. I'm gonna wake him up. I sit in his bed.

"Lou wake up", I say in a singsong sorta voice.

"No, go away Annika", he says.

He wants me gone? Oh I'm going to have fun with him. 

 "Fine guess I won't tell you what I'm planning for your birthday", I say.

It's true, his birthday is in a week. I'll be here awhile. My birthday is on New Year's Eve. So I never celebrated it much. I'd get a few presents then they'd celebrate New Years. The only person who didn't was Jake, his family would celebrate my family with me. That's why I love him. He springs up, and takes my hand.

"Tell me."

"Get up", I say.

He frowns,

"Your unfair", he says.

I smile innocently.

"No I'm not", I say.

He grabs me by the waist and pulls me down.

"Louis", I laugh.

"Tell me", he says.


He starts tickling me.

"You better tell me", he says.

"No! Stop Louis", I say.

I roll off the bed.

"Ow", I say.

"Sorry", he says.

I brush myself off. I stick my tongue out at him.

"Come on Lou", I say.

I walk downstairs and sit on the couch. I look around and see Niall in the kitchen eating. And I know Zayn is asleep. Harry is on the chair watching tv. Liam is next to me on his twitter. Louis finally comes down he pulls me on the love seat with him. I smile at him and Harry glares at us. I roll my eyes.

"I'm going to go see Jake. I'll see you guys later", I say.

I get up,

"Louis can you drive me?", I ask.

"Sure I ", but Harry interrupts.

"I wanna see Jacob, I'll go", he says.

 "Fine", I say. He walks over and we leave. He now decides to spend time with his little sister. Great, what is he gonna say to Jake. I get in the passenger side. We drive down to the hospital.  


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