Don't Fall For Me (Louis Tomlinson)

What happens when seventeen year old Annika Styles is forced to live with her brother? She learns living by his rules are hard, especially since she's a badgirl. But she falls for Louis, and she falls hard.


15. Chapter Fifteen: Final Goodbyes

We had stopped because its where they were performing. I drag my suitcase behind me and look at what used to be my perfect life. I shut my eyes and guilt rushes through me.

"Annika where are you going", Harry asks.

"Home Harry. Louis broke up with me", I say,"Because he thought I cheated and Josh kissed me."

I walk past him.

"Annika please don't go", he says.

"Harry I have no choice. Louis told me to leave and not come back", I say not looking at him.

He takes my bag from me and makes me look at him. The tears are already falling.

"I should've listened to you Harry", I say.

"Annika. Give him time, please I don't want to lose my little sister", he says.

I hug him,

"Harry, I'm not giving second chances. I've been hurt to many times. I just can't", I say.

I look up to see Louis looking at us. I pull away and grab my bag.

"Annika", Louis says.

"What?", I snap.

"You'll never change", he says.

"I guess I won't Lou. You won't listen so I won't explain. Just know I love you", I say.

I drop the paper I had in my hand. Not caring if they see it. I walk to a bus station I won't go back. 


•Louis's POV•

"I guess I won't Lou. You won't listen so I won't explain. Just know I love you", she says tears falling from her eyes.

She walks off and drops a piece of paper. Harry turns to me.

"Every time", he says, "Always getting hurt."

He walks off to find the boys and I pick up the note. 

I'm sorry I never said this before. But I really love you and I know it'll happen. We'll lose each other. I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out true love. This is what I thought it was. But I don't know, you promised to protect me. So I left the necklace, ring and everything you and the boys got for me. I won't be able to look at them. I'm sorry I didn't tell you that Jake changed numbers. That Josh kissed me. I fought back against him, you saved me and I guess it's time I leave. Forever, I'm never falling in love again. Don't try to find me, you won't. I know this will break your heart, it breaks mine. I never thought we would lose each other I thought when I met you I could be myself again. I can't, find someone better than me. I guess someone that appreciates you more than I. Louis Tomlinson I love you till the end. I'll see you again, but for now. Goodbyes.
 Annika Styles

I feel the tears burn my eyes. The clog in my throat. I can't believe I did that. I run off the bus.

"Annika!", I call.

She's gone, out of my life. Out of the boys and Harry's. I made a mistake and I didn't let her explain. I don't give her space. I let her leave, the best thing that's happened to me. I fall to the ground, my head in between my legs.

"Come on Lou, we have a show", Simon says.

"I won't go", I say.

"Why not?", he asks.

"Because. Annika's gone", I say.

I couldn't do it.

"Skip rehearsals but you'll be at the  concert", he says walking off the bus.

I go to what used to be our bed and find the things we got her. My promise ring and the locket. I feel the guilt I never thought I'd feel. 


•Harry's POV•

  "Let him be", Simon says.

I couldn't practice. My sister left because Louis broke her. I'd never think he'd be the one to do it. But I was wrong. Utterly and completely wrong. 


•Annika's POV•

  I look at the cliffs that hang down over the sea. The best way to die. But as I'm about to jump Jake stops me.

"Annika don't", he says.

I throw him off,

"Jake, I'm tired of this the only one who loves me is you. I'm sorry but I can't live like this anymore", I say.

"Annika don't", I hear a familiar voice say.

I turn and see Sean. I turn and step closer to the edge. I felt death, it's easy. I close my eyes.

"Annika don't I love you", Jake cries.

I shake my head. I'm tired of this. I jump off the cliff landing in the water. I feel the water engulf me. I left my phone up there. I heard screaming. But I sank. I black out and feel my heartbeat stop. 

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