YouTube Games *ON HOLD*

YouTube space finds out that they are losing views, so they decide to make a little game that no one will ever forget. One girl who thought she was a nobody...until reaping day. What else might she expect on this journey? YouTuber vs. YouTuber. Only 1 victor. Who will survive?


2. YouTube city

 ~Meghan's Pov~
   We all piled in the train and take off. I looked up at Joey a couple times. Joey had a serious look on his face. He hasn't said anything to me since a month ago when we found out about the games. I can't imagine how Joey feels inside right now.

"Joey, I'm scared," I whispered to him.

He looks at me and looks out the window again. "I am too Meghan," he says, still being serious.

 "What are we going to do? I mean what if we don't survive long? If we do, who's going to win?" I bite my lip, trying to stop myself from saying something else.

"Meghan, now is not the time to be worried. We just need to train for now. Make an impression for the owners of YouTube."

 How could he be serious at this moment? I'm terrified that I'm going to get killed off during the games.

 We arrive at a small city full of other people gathered around a stage. Joey and I walk in the building, looking around and finding some familiar faces like Jenn, Connor and Sawyer.

"Meghan!" Jenn runs towards me, thrusting her arms around me.

"Jenn? You got picked?" I was actually surprised and sad.

"I didn't get picked Meghan...I volunteered for a young Youtuber," she whispers, trying to hold back her tears.


"I don't know her name, but I didn't want her to suffer in the games."

  I look back to find Joey talking to Sawyer in the distance. Sawyer looks towards me and smiles. I give a friendly smile back and turn towards Jenn and Connor.

"What are we going to do?" Connor asks, worried.

 I suddenly lose thought as Connor kept talking I look behind Connor and see a young Youtuber. She stood about 5'3" and had long light reddish-brown wavy hair. She must be at least 13 or 14 from the young category.

"Hello? Meghan?" Connor waves his hands in front of me.

"Oh uh," I say, looking back at Connor again.

"Who were you looking at?" Jenn looks in the same direction I was looking at.

  I look back again and don't see the young Youtuber. She must of fled.

"Look we just need to stick together the whole time...if we last till the end then we fight fairly. Agree?" I look at them both, putting my hand out in front of them.

"Agree," they say in harmony, putting their hands over mine.

"We agree too," Joey comes in and puts his hand on mine, followed by Sawyer.

 "All Youtubers go to your rooms and meet up with your stylist, makeup artist and mentor," a woman, dressed in odd clothes like Tiffany was wearing, says into a mic.

  We all head our separate ways into a hallway. Joey follows behind me as I head into a room with a long wooden table setup with utensils by a big plate, and with a crystal chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. This was pretty fancy if I say so myself.

"Come on in our Vloggers!" Jesse says, signaling us to sit.

  I sit across from Sebastian, and look down at the shiny plate. Are we going to eat? I'm really starving because I missed breakfast this morning and its already almost noon. I smelled some delicious food from a door as a man came out with a tray full of food. A big smile went across my face as I look at the food in front of me. I began to eat big portions of my food as the others ate small portions. Everyone looks at me in shock, staying quiet for a very long time.

"Can't I just eat comfortable?" I asked, feeling embarrassed.

"You sure can eat Meghan," Jesse chuckles.

"Hey, I wasn't able to eat since I had to leave early to go to the reaping!" I argue.

"Anyways, we have been talking," Sebastian says, looking over at Jesse and Tiffany, "we have designed your outfits for the interview n a week."

 I wonder how our outfits will look like. Maybe like a blue or green color would be nice. I just hope we don't look like fools out there.

 "Do not will not look like fools out there. We have designed special outfits that represent you both," Sebastian says, handing me a picture of a dress.

"This is...amazing! and exactly how does this represent me?" I asked.

"Well, I looked at a couple of your videos and you were talking about a show called Adventure Time and you said you liked one of the characters named uh..." He strokes his chin, thinking.

"Lumpy Space Princess," I say.

"Correct! And for Joey, I picked out a baby blue suit with a lime green tie since he likes Finn," he says, handing Joey a picture of his suit.

 This actually looks pretty! I thought I was going to wear something long with a big sparkle bow on the front, but this is nothing compared to what I imagined.

"So, if your cousin Princo or Alyssa would of got picked would you have volunteered?" Jesse asks.

"I have to go," I say, slamming my napkin on the table walking outside.

  What would have I done if that did happened? Would I volunteer for them? I just don't want their names roaming around my head right now. I sure miss them even though its only been 3 hours and I can't imagine not seeing my family again.


 I look back and see Joey's head popped out of the door. "Hey."

"You okay?" He sits across from me, looking over the edge.

"Yeah I'm fine," I lied.

"Meghan what's up? I know your lying to me."

I take a deep breath and look down towards the city buildings, "I just don't want to think about my family right now. You get me?"

 "Yeah I do...I couldn't even see my family before we came here Meghan. Even though I don't have family here, you all are my Youtube family in L.A." He smiles at me.

 I return a smile and get up. "Well, I think we should head in and get ready for tomorrow's training. C'mon," I say, pulling him inside with me.

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