YouTube Games *ON HOLD*

YouTube space finds out that they are losing views, so they decide to make a little game that no one will ever forget. One girl who thought she was a nobody...until reaping day. What else might she expect on this journey? YouTuber vs. YouTuber. Only 1 victor. Who will survive?


3. Training

   ~Meghan's Pov~
  I wake up and see a silhouette of a purple hanged dress on the dresser door. I get up and walk towards it, getting a clearer vision of it. It was a ruffled purple dress, a gold necklace with a star charm and purple shoes. This dress gets more prettier every time I look at it.
  After I dress, I head into the dining room and see Tiffany and Sebastian just arriving. Joey comes in and joins my side at the table. We all sit quietly and wait for the food to arrive.

 "Good morning our vloggers! How was your night rest?" Jesse asks, being the last to come in.

 "Alright I guess," I sigh.

"Good," Joey says.

"Well that's wonderful! Are you both ready for your training today?" Jesse asks.

"Do we really have a choice here?" I ask.

 "Yeah your right," Jesse says, getting up from his seat walking towards a room. He comes back with 2 dark grey suits, and 2 pairs of black shoes.

"What this?" Joey asks, grabbing it from Jesse's hand.

"Your training suits of course!" Jesse answers.

"How long are we training for?" I ask.

"5 hours," Tiffany says.

"5 hours?! Are you kidding me?!" I shout, as I slam my hands on the table.

"Do you want to die out there Camarena?!" Jesse yells at me.

 "Well I'm going to die anyways Jesse, so what's the point if I train and know for a fact Joey is going to win!" I yell, running out of the dining room and outside in the hallway.

  I wish YouTube had more views before they started this whole stupid game. I lean up against the wall, sliding myself slowly down to the floor. I hug my knees, hiding my face in my knees. What am I going to do?


  Training is just starting right now and I'm not doing so well. Joey is doing great at throwing knives, aiming a bow and arrow, and everything else too. Jenn is doing alright I guess you could say because she could really throw a knife. Sawyer is literally slicing the manikins heads off, and they're made out of wood. Connor is probably better than me, but I can't really say that because he just missed the manikins chest and it went straight for one of the guards just missing his side.

"Watch it Youtuber!" The guard growls at Connor.

"I'm so sorry!" Connor backs away, tripping over the weapons.

 I walk over to him and kneel down, pursing my lips towards a group of other people. I take a deep breath and whisper, "Connor, don't let the guards push you, they can't even hurt you or else they'll get in trouble. Do you see those Youtubers over there? They're laughing because you're making a fool out of yourself. I'll help you with training."

 I walk over to the pile of spears, picking one up with my right hand lifting it over my shoulder. I walk over to the manikins and eyeball the bullseye. I quickly jerk my hand back and forward, releasing it as it shoots to the side of the bullseye. Wow! I didn't think it was going to be that close.

"You try now Connor. Just lift it over your shoulder, back your arm up and release it going forward."

 The room suddenly goes silent as everyone turns towards Connor. He looks around and takes a deep breath. He lifts the spear over his shoulder, jerking his hand back and throwing it forward. It shoots quickly towards the manikin making a bullseye.

"Ha! Meghan, did you..."

"Sh! Act like you meant to do it!" I whisper, covering his mouth.

"That was cool Connor!" Jenn says, coming up to us.

"Thanks Jenn," Connor says.

 I look around as everyone goes back to what they were doing. I see the same girl I seen yesterday hiding again behind a wall. I make my way towards her as I get around people walking by.

 "Hi, I'm Meghan. What's your..." I look behind the wall and don't see anyone standing there. I look around again and see everyone except for the young girl. She sure is a hider.


  "Youtubers, please return to your rooms and be prepared for tonight's interview," one of the security guards says. I think he was the only guard that was nice to us. Connor almost hit him about 10 minutes ago and he said it was okay that he didn't mean any harm. I wonder if he even likes this game.

 "Come on, Meghan," Joey says, grabbing my hand leading me towards the room.

"Ah! Welcome back vloggers! How was your training?" Jesse asks.

"Good I guess," I say, shrugging my shoulders.

"That's wonderful! Now go get some rest and dinner will be ready soon."

 Joey and I walked our separate ways into the rooms. I change into some sweats and a short sleeve shirt. I walk over to my bed and plop myself on it. Man, I'm so tired from training. After a while of just laying there I fell into a deep sleep.

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