YouTube Games *ON HOLD*

YouTube space finds out that they are losing views, so they decide to make a little game that no one will ever forget. One girl who thought she was a nobody...until reaping day. What else might she expect on this journey? YouTuber vs. YouTuber. Only 1 victor. Who will survive?


4. The Interviews


*1 1/2 weeks pass*

   ~Joey's Pov~
   It's almost time to get ready for the interview. I'm actually excited but also a bit scared since I have no experience with weapons. Unless you count Hunger craft as being an experience, but I highly doubt that.

  Sebastian hands me a hanger with a green suit with a blue tie hanging on the side of it. I head into my room and dress in my green suit and put my tie on. Tiffany later comes in and fixes up my hair like I usually have it. She dabs a little bit of makeup here and there, but you couldn't notice it much since it was my skin tone. She then leaves the room with all her things.

  I look at the mirror and see my reflection. I feel a sudden anger rush through me. I run up to the mirror and slam my fists on it, shattering the mirror everywhere.

"Uugghhh!" I yell, feeling a tear run down my cheek.


 I look up and see Meghan, holding back tears, dressed in her costume.

"Shoot girl! You're looking fine," I laugh but fail to ignore my bleeding knuckles.

"Joey, what happened?" Meghan's eyes start to water.

I couldn't lie to my best friend. I have to tell her the truth. "Meghan, I just...I'm frustrated."

"I am too Joey, but what can we do? They won't let us go. If they do then they might end our careers of being Vloggers," she says, grabbing a wet towel wrapping it around my knuckles.

  That's true. They might end our careers, but there's no point because I'll end up dying in the games so I might as well quit. No. I'm not going to. If I die, I'll die to be known as a great vlogger!

 "Let's just go through this Meghan, okay?"

"Okay," Meghan sighs.

I need to last through the whole game with Meghan and the others. That's what matters the most right now.

   ~Meghan's Pov~
  I slide into my purple ruffled dress as Tiffany helps me zip it up. She hands me some purple heels and a gold necklace with a star shape charm on the end of it. She then applies some purple eyeshadow and some blush to my cheeks. She lastly curls my hair and heads off to Joey's room after giving me a big hug.


  We all pile into a carriage and take off to the interview. I could feel my heart beating fast again. What am I going to say? What are they going to ask? What if I make a fool out of myself? As these questions go around my head we arrive at the interview. We spot 11 other carriages off to the side as we get off.

  "Now...I would like to introduce you our first category filmography. Our female Youtuber, Jennxpenn!" The interviewer says, standing to his feet and clapping as she walked on.

   Jenn had on a peach colored short dress almost like the length of my dress. She looked so pretty! They went on talking for a while about herself and what she thought about this. He then asks her about why she volunteered for the young Youtuber. She stood quiet and then spoke. A picture appeared on the monitor screen. It must be the girl who Jenn volunteered for.

  Sawyer goes on next. He was wearing a black formal suit with a red tie on. His hair was slicked back smoothly. His makeup artist did well on them both. They both looked great for the interview.

   After a couple of tributes, Connor goes up. He was wearing a beige silk shirt tucked in his black slacks and his hair was the same as usual. He looked over at me and smiled. I smile back at him, giving a thumbs up.


  "Now, our last category is vloggers... Meghan Camarena known as Strawburry17!" The interviewer says, standing to his feet and clapping.

"Meghan, remember to answer truthfully. Whatever he asks just say what you think about it. Be honest," Sebastian whispers in my ear, helping me off my seat.

  I look at Joey as he sends me a smile across the way. I try to smile back before being pushed by the bodyguards in black suits. This will definitely not be the hardest part about this game.

"Ah! Meghan Camarena! Come and sit!" He says, patting the chair across from him.

 I look towards him as he starts to talk. I just watch his lips move as the crowd is still cheering.

"What?" I asked.

"Someone's a bit nervous here," he laughs as the crowd follows him into laughter. He looks back at me and smiles. "How are you?"

"Good, I guess," I shrug my shoulders.

"So what do you think about the games?" He asks, concerned.

  Meghan, remember what Sebastian said. Don't tell a lie. What would Joey say about this? Come on Meghan! Think! This is not a hard question. What did I think about this?

"Well, I-I," I stutter, looking over to Sebastian for help. He just nods his head. Here we go.

  "I think this is just a stupid way of getting more views. I mean, it's not like Youtube is going to lose business. Some Youtubers have over 1million fans, so why do they think they're losing business?" I was going to keep going on, but I don't want hatred on me while in the games. I looked down and kept quiet.

"Well Camarena, you had quite a lot to say there. I suppose your against this?"


  We went on talking about what I do on my channel, why I started Youtube, and of course about my family. That was the worst part of it. I never wanted to think about family after I left them to come to this stupid game.
  I really don't get it still. They're not losing business. What are they trying to get to us? Did we do something wrong? The managers didn't seem so happy about what I said earlier that I think this game is stupid.

 "It was a pleasure having you here Strawburry17," he kisses my hand and hugs me, whispering into my ear, "you'll do great Meghan. I'm against this too and I believe in you."

I walk off the stage and get greeted by Jesse. He doesn't look too happy.

"What the hell were you thinking Meghan?! Don't be telling the audience that you hate the games!"

 "I'm suppose to like it because I'll die soon?! Why should I lie here Jesse? They need to know the truth anyways if I'm going to die tomorrow!" I start to tear up. I couldn't handle this.

"Meghan, wait!" Joey yells out at me, but I ignore his call.

  I ran out of the room and headed towards Steve. He was standing in a black  formal suit with a red tie on. He was talking with other men standing in front him. They all looked up at me, pointing Steve towards my direction.

"Steve, I need to talk."

The men excuse themselves leaving Steve and me alone in the room.

"What's going around in your head?"

"I don't want to do the games Steve. I forfeit."

"Meghan, I'm sorry but you can't forfeit. That's the rule to this game. Once you get called there's no turning back."

"What?! So I have to get killed now?"

"You'll survive."

"Thanks for making feel so much better Steve!" I say sarcastically.

"You're welcome!" He gives me a mean glare. What a jerk.

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