YouTube Games *ON HOLD*

YouTube space finds out that they are losing views, so they decide to make a little game that no one will ever forget. One girl who thought she was a nobody...until reaping day. What else might she expect on this journey? YouTuber vs. YouTuber. Only 1 victor. Who will survive?


1. Reaping day

    ~Meghan's Pov~
  Today is the day of the reaping at the YouTube Space in L.A. And to be honest...I'm really scared. The thought of getting picked is horrible. 

  They decided to make a game with Youtubers vs. Youtubers because the views on YouTube were decreasing a lot every week. They needed to make a way to get more viewers, so this was the first option. I do love making videos, but now that I heard about this I'm really terrified to post another video.

   I make my way into the building and see Youtubers I never even met or seen before. I look around to only find all my friends scattered everywhere. Everyone gathers up around the stage to find the owners of YouTube, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. They all looked normal like nothing horrible was happening at the moment.

"Gather around Youtubers, we are ready for the reaping," Chad said.

"2 tributes, a female and male, will be picked out of these 2 bowls and will be in the games," Steve says, grabbing the female name bowl.

  My heart was beating faster than ever before. I looked down at my feet, not paying attention to Steve as he pulls out a small piece of paper from the big bowl. It goes silent for a while as Steve hands the paper to Jawed to read into the mic. He looks at the paper for a while before taking a deep breath.

"Strawburry17," he says, as it echoes in the building.

  Everyone looks my way, making a path from me to the stage. I take a deep breath and begin to walk slowly to the stage. Steve smiles at me, shaking my hand.

"You're gonna do great kiddo!" Chad whispers.

"We have our first tribute! Now..." Steve picks up the male bowl and picks a paper, handing it to Jawed.

"Joey Graceffa."

   I quickly shoot my eyes to the boys side, spotting Joey in the crowd. Joey looks up to me. He had no expressions for me to tell if he was scared. Joey walks up the stairs, shaking Steve's hand and then mines. Chad whispers into Joeys ear and then turns us towards the crowd.

"The tributes of our games!" 2 men suddenly grab us and pull us into a room nearby.

  I look around and see a man, maybe in his late 20's, in a blue suit. "My name's Jesse, I'm looking forward to help you on this journey," he says, handing us an envelope, "You have 3 minutes."

  A man in a black suit comes in pulling in David, Princess, and Alyssa. They all gather around me, hugging tightly. "It's okay guys, I'll be fine...I'm going to win this." I could see David tearing up followed by the others.

"Meghan, I'm..." I cut Princess off.

"Don't cry...I'm going to be fine guys."

"Meghan, we believe in you," David says, giving me 1 last hug before being yanked out of my arms by the man in the black suit.

 I quickly open the envelope and read it, not missing a single word.

Dear tributes,

  Welcome to our games! We are glad to have you here. You know the reason why we are doing this, so make us proud out there. You and the other tribute will be sent on a subway to our bigger YouTube secret building. Wish you the best of luck.

The Gamemakers

  I look up at Joey as he rips the piece of paper, throwing it into the trash. He just had a straight face, not showing any emotion of this.

"It's time," Jesse comes back in, pulling us into the hallway to find a lady dressed in a rather crazy outfit. "This is Tiffany, she will be your makeup artist, and this is Sebastian your costume stylist."

  I shake their hands, trying to give a smile. We all walk down the hallway, leading us to a underground subway station. We sit on a bench and wait for the subway to come.

  I close my eyes and think deep into my thoughts. Meghan, you can do might be fighting against your best friend, but the odds are in 1 of the tributes favor. It will be me. No matter what happens before the games, you have to be careful with your actions, what you say, everything...

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