YouTube Games *ON HOLD*

YouTube space finds out that they are losing views, so they decide to make a little game that no one will ever forget. One girl who thought she was a nobody...until reaping day. What else might she expect on this journey? YouTuber vs. YouTuber. Only 1 victor. Who will survive?


8. Diva or Burry?

   ~Meghan's Pov~
 "We need to cross the river. If we walk further down the currents it will be worse," Joey says, jumping onto one of the rocks above the water.

"Are you crazy?! The water is traveling so fast that one of us might slip!" Jenn shouts waving her arms around.

"If one of us fall then we'll go after you," Sawyer says simply.

"Although we might drown its our only way to get away from the team of 7." I look at everyone.

"We should start going before the current gets worse." Joey starts to jump onto the rocks, making his way across the river.

"Connor, you go." I push him in front of me as I wait to the side.

"Jenn?" Sawyer looks at her.

 She steps on the first rock, easily hopping onto the other ones ahead of her. I slowly put my foot on the first rock and lift my other foot on it. I go onto the next one and the next and the next. I step on the middle rock and feel myself slipping on it.

"Ah!" I scream.

"I got you!" Sawyer says, wrapping his arms around mine.

"Thanks, Sawyer! That was a close one! You know how clumsy I am." I chuckle to myself remembering when I tripped on the first episode of the Amazing Race.

 We walk further down into the forest and approach a tree. Wait, I feel like we've been here before for some reason. Well, there are trees everywhere so maybe I'm just thinking we've been here.

"Guys, doesn't something not feel right? I mean, I'm pretty sure we past by this tree at least 4 times." Joey goes up to the tree and knocks on it.

"Okay, I thought I was the only one thinking it," I say.

"Yeah, something is up...I'll be back." Sawyer continues to walk ahead and doesn't stop.

"What is he doing?" Jenn raises her eyebrows.

"What the? Are we stuck here?" Sawyer says, coming from behind us.

"They can't be serious about this. How are we going to..." Suddenly, a cannon is heard in the distance. That's the 9th kill. Only 15 Youtubers remain.

"We are getting down to last tributes. We're almost half ways through it." Joey murmurs.

"So, back to the situation. How are we going to escape?" I say, changing the subject.

"I don't know. Are we the only ones?" I look around for an answer.

"Maybe. What do you think caused this?" Joey looks at me.

"Well, we did eat those berries that were safe for sure because we would of been dead by now."

"What if those berries were like a magic kind of thing?" Connor says.

"That's silly Connor. Magic doesn't exist." Jenn confirms.

"Yeah it the games of course," A voice says.

"Who's there?" Joey and Sawyer take out their swords.

"I'm not coming out. Just let me help you, or do you guys just want to stay like that?"

"How can we trust you?" I say, looking around for a figure.

"Burry, if it wasn't for me, you would of stayed up in that tree the whole game and starve to death."

"Wait, you're that young Youtuber!" Her voice sounded so familiar!

"Do you or not?!" She whispers loudly.

"Fine! Just hurry up!" Joey snaps.

"Okay, go to that bush behind you and only eat one berry."

"Those are poisonous!" Joey shouts.

"No they're not! Apparently, you didn't read any of the books in the training room."

"Just trust her," I say, picking out one berry from the bush. I look at it for a second and pop it into my mouth. Mmmm! So delicious!

"Meghan, no!" Jenn shouts.

"Nothing happened you guys."

"See! Trust burry here for once so you guys don't get yourselves killed."

"Whoa! Hold up girl! I'm the one in charge here and everyone one does what I say," Joey says, taking a step forward.

"Much of a diva isn't he?" She chuckles.

"Shut up!"

"Yeah, if you guys WANT to stay alive listen to burry, or even"

 To be honest, Joey has been putting us into danger, while the girl helped me out a lot and saved my life. Joey has been acting like a diva.

"So what do you say? Do you want to listen to me or diva boy over here?"

"I'm staying with Joey," Sawyer says, walking over to Joey.

 I look over at Jenn and Connor as they look back at Joey and me. They slowly walk over to Joey's side and look down at the floor.

"Guys, I..."

"So what's it going to be, Meghan?" Joey asks.

"I choose," I sigh and close my eyes, "Joey."

"Well, good luck with the obstacles." The girls says.

"That's right! I won my team over!" Joey looks around.

He's a diva.

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