Why me? Why.

Jessie small town girl is abused everyday by her mother, he dad died and she had nobody do the mom got so mad and took all her anger out on Jessie.


4. The slaughter room

Um Jessie" there's something about here you need to know " she lifted her head to listen. "What is it?" she said sniffing. Um after you been here for 2 months he will slaughter kill you. " I'm sorry but it's Kesha's turn" Jessie's eyes where filled with tears and then she said " KESHA DON'T LEAVE ME!" Then Kesha said "I'll be looking above to you." KESHA!!!" Yelled Harry. It's time. Three was a room that he brand all the girls in and we had to watch. "PLEASE ONE NORE MONTH!!" It's been long enough" Harry said with a grin. He locked her up with chains and tied her in a chair.he had a knife set scissors pins and ect. Jessie and me cried out hearts out. Harry grabed the scissors and took her pinky finger and snapped it right off. She was during slow.thus went on and on and I puked. then he let Kesha go she ran with blood all over her and then he shot her.she was only 15 years old.

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