Why me? Why.

Jessie small town girl is abused everyday by her mother, he dad died and she had nobody do the mom got so mad and took all her anger out on Jessie.


5. Sucides.

It's been 1 month and its almost trish turn for slaughter time. I sat in a corner and was crying. (Jessie's pov btw) Harry called me and TRISH. "C-coming sir." He tied us up on walls with chains and he stripped our clothes off. I started crying he was raping us. I never done this. I'm only 16 . He kissed me on the sweet spot and I moaned " Stop!" I yelled trying to kick him . He said ill let you guys go if you be my servants or peasants, you do what I say! He let Trish go but not me. 


                              TRISH POV


 I hated my life. I went to the slaughter room and write a note: Dear Jessie I'm sorry but my life has been hell and I want this pain to stop in sorry but I love you. ~Trish


i grabed the gun beside pointed it at my head. 1...2...3... Bye.. BOOOOOOM people heard but not hart or Jessie. There lied Trish on the table dead holding Kesha's hand. 

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