Why me? Why.

Jessie small town girl is abused everyday by her mother, he dad died and she had nobody do the mom got so mad and took all her anger out on Jessie.


2. Running away

I managed to make a crack in the shed and hammered my way out I was cold hungry and lonely I ran for hours and it started tanning and I was so sleepy so I found a park bench and lied down with the rain. I saw a guy running towards me I got to scared and started running to "I WON'T HURT YOU I PROMISE!" I heard him yell. I still kept running I made it to a mall and didn't see him.but I didn't know he was behind me thee hole time. I felt him try and grab me. He looked familiar. I triped and I regret it for ever.he shoved me into a car with a huge trunk and shoved me in there. I started crying telling " LET ME GO CREEPY FUCKTARD!!" He didn't respond then we finally stopped after 2 and a half hours. He got out and tightly grabbed my waist and carried me quickly inside. It was in the woods in the middle of no where. We got inside and.. 

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