Why me? Why.

Jessie small town girl is abused everyday by her mother, he dad died and she had nobody do the mom got so mad and took all her anger out on Jessie.


1. No more

Jessie's POV


I woke up to my mothers yelling "JESSIE GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!

i snook out last night to get away from the abuse. " in comming'"

my mother slapped me across the face so hard I thought I died. "Where the fuck where you last night," I tried to fake."Um what do you mean?" Don't play stupid with me Jessie!" I was yanked to the ground. I felt tears forming in my eyes "You are grounded from everything young lady, your a fucking idiot why would you do that!?!" I still sat crying until my mother kicked me in the ribs "IM SORRY JUST STOP IT!" I yelled! "All I remember was waking up in the shed?


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