Why me? Why.

Jessie small town girl is abused everyday by her mother, he dad died and she had nobody do the mom got so mad and took all her anger out on Jessie.


3. In his house

And.. There were 3-4 other girls there. He finally took off his sweater and revels his face it was Harry Styles!!! OMG.. Why would he do this. He threw me against a wall and shoved me into a room with all theese girls. I made friends Kesha and Trish. 


I sat in a corner and began to slit my wrists. Trish saw me and said "why?" I started crying. "SLL THE PAIN IN MY LIFE!" I threw the razor and it hit the wall. 





                        Trish's POV


i saw her doing i melted. I felt so sorry but now it's time to tell her about the slaughter room.

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