Falling For Love... {A One Direction Fanfiction}

It started with a signing. It ended with a wedding.
For most... It felt like it had ended a long time before that wedding...

She's falling for him...
He's falling for her...
They're falling for it...
But she's falling the other way...
They're falling for love...
And nobody... no one... nothing... is going to catch them...
Cause if you're falling... You can't save yourself if your trying to save someone else...
So, save yourself... FOR GODS SAKE, SAVE YOURSELF... and get out of the way...



1. Sign my phone, Sign my life

Sorry guys it switches POV's alot. It was an annoying habit I had at the beginning of my writing.. Don't worry, I stopped that.




{Katie's POV}

It's been a year since they were last in Australia and all the Auzzie directioners are buzzing.
This line is HUGE! I'm NEVER gonna meet the boys at this rate. I can tell my best friend, Erin is getting bored. To be honest, so am I. My guitar is getting really heavy on my back and I just want to---
Wait a minute! I have my guitar. I took it out of its case, put the strap on and started to play Ed Sheeran. I loved my guitar and playing it always made the time go by. Soon enough I had a group of directioners around me making requests and singing along. It makes me so happy that my music can make others happy.
I realized that we were getting really close to the boys so I stopped playing and packed up. I can actually see the boys now.
I don't know if it is all the different perfumes in the air that is clouding my head but I'm suddenly feeling overconfident and risky. Like I should do something that I wouldn't normally do.


There are only a few people in front if me now.
Harry looked up and made direct eye contact with me. ME! There's other gorgeous girls before me and he looks at ME?!?
"20 seconds of insane courage"
I whispered to myself. As he maintained his gaze I quickly winked at him.
"Oh my god. What are you doing Katie"
I said to myself turning away. When I turned back around he was signing a fans album.
" Phew, Maybe he didn't see"
but then he looked up again and winked back! I blushed and looked away for the second time.
"Erin? Can you slap me please?"
I requested.
"Ummm... right now? I don't want Louis to think I'm violent!"
"I need help snapping out of this trance I'm in. Just do it before I do something REALLY stupid"
"*Sighs* Fine"
Erin slapped me across the face.


"What was so bad anyway?" She asked me
"I don't know. I just- Something came over me and- like, I was winking at Harry and I didn't want to do anything I was gonna regret and-"
"Next please!"
It was Harry. Oh god! What will he say? What do I say?

{Harry's POV}
I looked up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her. The prettiest girl I'd ever seen. She was looking at me too. I could tell she was thinking stuff over, having battles with herself inside her head. What was she thinking?
My gaze lingered. She winked at me. I blushed and looked back at the album I was signing. I hope she didn't notice.

Harry! You're getting carried away. I scolded myself.
The fan I was signing the album of moved on and I looked back up at the girl. She was just gorgeous. I winked back at her, again scolding myself for getting carried away. But I just couldn't help it.
I signed a few more posters and another album and then it was her turn. What do I say to her???

{Katie's POV}

"Hey, What's your name love?" He asked
"Ummm... Katie" I replied awkwardly. I heard him whisper to himself
"Katie, that's cute" I handed him my phone to sign.

{Harrys POV}

While she was looking away i took her phone cover off and quickly scrawled my number in the back of it, hoping she would find it when she got home.

{Katie's POV}

SNAP OUT OF IT KATIE! I was scolding myself. C'mon you winked at him earlier! Say something clever! He's probably wondering why I'm not saying anything!
I went to talk but he beat me to it. "You're very pretty Y'know..."
Now don't get me wrong, I love all of the boys equally, I don't have a favourite, but THIS! To hear it from just one of them! Even if he does say it to hundreds of girls everyday. I turned to Erin and she was looking at me in complete amazement. I had to move on though. This time I was more confident. It was Liam.
"Hey Liam, how are you" I said politely.
"I'm good thanks babe. What would you like me to sign?"
"Oh, right, just my phone case please" forgetting why I was there.
I looked down the line. Next was Louis, Zayn, then Niall.


{Katie's POV}

"Thanks Liam"

I moved on.

"Hello Lovely!" Louis said with a smile.

"Oh hello Lou"

{Lou's POV}

Im so sick and tired of being here. I just want to go home and forget about everything that's on my mind. I don't have time for this. I need to talk to El, Smooth things over. I hate it when we fight and its just been getting worse and worse.

{Katie's POV}

I guess it gets easier as I go along. Erin was watching me jealously. I could see it in her eyes. I could even imagine what was running through her head IF YOU TOUCH MY MAN... DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT... LEAVE HIM ALONE...KATIE! IM WATCHING YOU... Y'know, stuff like that. I think she'd give her right hand for Louis.

As I moved on to Zayn I watched her move on to Lou. He looked up at her and immediately looked back down. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! HE COMPLETELY BLANKED HER!

{Lou's POV}

looking up at the next fan I noticed her startling blue eyes and tall physique. She was very pret- NO! STOP LOU. Look away. I said to myself. I'm with El. I'm drifting away from Eleanor, I know, but I really need to not make my situation with her worse.

{Katie's POV}

But no... Louis always looked at the fans. Why look away? I heard Zayn clear his throat.

"Oh Sorry, I was sidetracked" STUPID GIRL KATIE! Concentrate! I handed Zayn my phone and looked back over at Erin and Louis. POOR ERIN. "Urm... Ive noticed that you're looking a little concerned... is everything alright?" Zayn was looking at me funny.

"Oh Yeah..." I replied "Is Lou ok though?"

"Mmnnn... Not really... But how did you know there was something wrong?"

"Just watching him, he seems a little out of sorts, He's like ignoring my friend"

"You're right, that's not like him at all, I'm gonna have a chat with him later. He shouldn't ignore fans. Maybe we can make it up to your friend, do you have an email?"

I gave Zayn my email and he promised that he would see what he could do for Erin. It was so nice of him. I don't think they normally do that... I said thanks and was about to move on when I heard...

"Ewww! No way are YOU signing my album! Fat Irish FREAK!"







Whoever this girl is in front of me, SHE. JUST. CROSSED. THE. LINE.




Love it or Hate it? Let me know!!! Always let me know what you think will happen next! :D {Btw, Yeah In this chapter Katie really annoys me actually... Oops}

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