One Way Ticket to One Direction 2

Sequel to my first fanfic: "One Way Ticket to One Direction" check that out so this book makes sense! :) and for the rest of you that read my other book I hope you enjoy this book too! Stay awesome everyone!


2. No memories left

   ~Lily's Pov~
"I don't want to sound rude here, but do I know you all?" Liam says.

"Get the doctor," I tell Cat. Cat quickly comes back with the doctor behind her.

The room fell silent as the doctor was talking to him. "Well good news or bad news?" He asks.

"What's the good news?" Katie asks.

"He could go home today after we put a cast on his arm. The bad news is he has amnesia."

"Now the smart one became stupid. That is just great! So do we even have another smart person in the group?" I look around at everyone.

"Hey, we have Violet you know," Harry says.

"True that Styles."

 Liam lost his memory. Well, it explains the bump on his head at least. Oh gosh. Management will really hate us now once they find out.


We finally arrive back at the hotel and see the others watching TV. They look up at us.

"Is Liam okay?" Zayn asks, worriedly.

"Uh...a broken bone and he uh...kind of uh..." Katie stutters with her words.

"He has amnesia for pete's sake!" I say.

"Where is he?"

"Niall and Harry are coming up with him right now while Louis went to the pharmacy to pick up some medication the doctor ordered for Liam."

"Well, let's go fix up his bed to make sure he's comfortable when he gets here," Kalel says.

   ~Liam's Pov~
"Come on mate," the boy with curly hair says, helping me out of the van. The blonde one comes around the car to help me down. Their names will be curly and blondie for now. I really don't know what is going on right now, but I think I know them. I hope.

"You alright Liam?" Curly turned to me.

"Who?" I ask.

"You really got hit hard on the head didn't you?" Blondie says.

"I did?"

"By the way your name is Liam James Payne. Remember that okay?" Curly said.

I nod my head and continue to limp up the small steps into a big building. "Liam...Liam...Liam...Liam." I repeated to myself in my head.

"Okay we're here Liam."

 The door quickly opened and a girl with blue hair appeared behind it. "Hi, Liam. Welcome back," she smiles at me. I return a smile and continue to get help from Curly and Blondie. They walk me into a huge room with a big bed in the middle.

"If you need anything just ask okay?" Curly said.

"Actually I do need to ask you something."

"Oh, I'm Harry and that's Niall," he says, pointing to himself and the blonde boy.

"Okay thanks."

"You'll get everyone else's name later on," Harry says, walking out with Niall behind.

 I lay my head on the soft pillow and stare at the ceiling for a while. Why did I suddenly come along with people I don't know? Do I know them? Everyone was just staring at me in the hospital. Well, I guess I could trust Harry and Niall since they're the only ones who talked to me. Who am I anyways? I'm Liam Payne. How do I suppose ably know these people?

"Hey Liam, you need anything?" A girl came in, but it wasn't the one with blue hair this time.

"I'm fine but thanks."

She walks over to me and sits on the edge of the bed, staring at me.

"Do you need anything?" I ask.

"You really don't remember me do you?"

"I'm sorry, I don't who you are. I don't even know who I am."

Tears begin to roll down her cheek as she looks at me. "This is all my fault Liam!" She buries her face in her hands.

"Hey, don't cry. I might not know who you are, but you must be important to me," I rub her back, trying to give a smile.

She looks up at me giving a weak smile. "Thanks Liam. I'm Katie," she extends her hand out to me.

"Katie...that's pretty," I say.

"Thanks. Well, I should probably let you rest Liam," she says, leaving the room.

 Do I really know her? Maybe she's my sister or cousin. I don't even know how I look like. I sat up and looked at the mirror across from the bed. Well, we're not related in anyway. Maybe she's my friend.


 I make my way over to the table. I watch people come in and out, sending me a smile along the way. I didn't have time to smile back since they rushed out so quickly.

"Morning, Liam," Harry comes in.

"Hey, Harry," I looked up at him, "who's Katie? I mean is she important to me?"

 Harry looks at me confused and smiles. "Katie's your good friend. I guess you could say she's important to you. She always got your attention when she was around."

"Really?" He nods his head and gets up. "Please don't leave me, Harry...I only trust you, Niall and Katie right now."

"It'll be fine Liam. Here, eat some food because you need to take some medicine afterwards." He hands me 2 cups. One with milk and the other with cereal.

"Uh? Why isn't this in a bowl?" I ask.

"Here's another thing you should remember about yourself, you don't like spoons."


"You said because you don't know where the spoons have been when we go out to restaurants. And you're used to having cereal like this."

Wow. I have a fear of spoons. I'm a really strange guy. "Oh." Is all I could say.

"Hello Liam," Niall comes in.

"Hi Niall."

"You alright?"

"I guess so. Just a bit confused with myself and things around me." 

"Don't worry Liam, you'll remember everything soon enough," Niall says.

"Are you guys my cousins?" I ask.

"Cousins? We're best mates! More like the brothers you never had."

"Hm. Sorry, just thought that because family should be taking care of me."

 "Yeah, it's not a good idea for us to take care of you first of all. We should probably introduce you to Lily, she could take better care of you," Harry says, walking out to the living room where a group of people are joined together.

"Is she my friend too?" I ask Niall.

"They're all good friends of ours."

 I look towards the kitchen door and see a girl standing at the doorway. She stood about 5'3", had long brown hair and had brown eyes. She must be Lily.

"Hey, Liam! Glad to see you're doing fine," she smiles down at me.

"Lily, right?"

"Yeah. Here, after you're done make sure you take this. I'll help you over to the others when you're done," she walks back towards the others as Harry and Niall follow behind.

 Okay, so far I know Harry, Niall, Katie, Lily and I guess you could say the girl with blue hair. She seemed nice when I seen her yesterday.

 I finish my last gulp of milk and swallow down the pill. Ugh! This tasted horrible! I hope I won't have to take these every time I eat because I'll probably throw up my food afterwards.

"Liam, you okay there?" Lily comes back in.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Hey, so what happened to me?" I ask.

"Um...lets just get your memories back from 2010 and we'll work our way up."

"2010? Was that year really important?"

"Oh. My. Gosh. You really need to get your memory back and fast!" Lily says, helping me up and towards the group of people.

 2010? What year are we in anyways? 2027? 2010...come on Liam, think! I close my eyes and try to imagine something that first came to my head. The first thing I thought was Harry and Niall helping me out from the van yesterday. I try to think harder and harder as I sat on the couch, watching everyone talk to each other.

 I think for a second and look around the room. Then it hits me. I look around once more and clear my throat, "I think remember ONE..."

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